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As she heard the cold closing sound of the door.

She hugged her shoulders and saw the terrible bruises from her wrist to her arms, her swelling eyes got teary, but didn’t dare to make a crying sound or even choking sound.

Soon, from the outside, a car engine start making a sound.

The car drove far away until could no longer be heard.

After getting sure that he really left, she suddenly closed her eyes and no longer stop herself from crying out loud.

In this strange seaside villa, she can’t help being sentimental, she really did give herself  to a strange man.

She also guessed why the man would pick her After giving it some thought, she realized  that it’s probably because of her civilian identity, a poor girl like her wanting custody of the future child will not pose any threat.

Anyway, right now she didn’t know what to do.

She doesn’t know how long she could conceal this matter to her father.

But now that the family is in a desperate situation, she has no choice, she does not regret it, to be precise she has no place for regret.

For people who are in difficult to maintain their livelihood, dignity in this matter is too extravagant, and this is her only way out now.

Moreover, as an adopted daughter, in these past few years, his father has been very good to her, treated her like his own daughter.

Although her mother and sister are indifferent with her, she never experiences the lack of food and clothing, which made her so grateful from the bottom of her heart.

Now that they are in financial crisis, the kindness she received she will definitely pay for it.

About the other things, she doesn’t want to think too much.

Mu Yazhe doesn’t know that this night, will leave an incredible scar in her life.

He doesn’t know that in the future, this woman will cross in his life again.

At dawn

Yun Shishi slowly sat up and slowly removed the red silk in her eyes, a white quilt tightly wrapped in her body, she went to the window to widely open the curtains.

However, the sunlight gave a warm feeling in her heart.

Outside, a burst of rapid footsteps could be heard.

The door was pushed open.

Yun Shishi in her surprised turned around and see a dignified appearance of a beautiful woman came in, looking at her with extreme anger.

Followed by the employer’s secretary, obediently walking on the side.

A woman walked in front of her, proudly looked at her from head to toe, her face showed a look of disgust, her gaze fell on her body where the hickey is visible.

Yun Shishi nervously wrapped the quilt around her body, but couldn’t cover up her neck with traces of love.

The woman’s eyes flared up, fiercely says: “You are … … that surrogate girl !”

Yun Shishi swallowed: “… … Yes, excuse me… you are … …”


In response to her, was a fierce slap in the face!

“This  shameless bitch! You…… Why do you, how could you……” The woman angrily grabbed her hair, her face turn pale, “You! don’t think that if you gave birth to a child, you will be the rightful mother! I’m warning you, I am his rightful fiancee, and you are just a surrogate mother! Don’t expect to covet something you weren’t supposed to be, you understand!”

Yun Shishi got stunned in amazement, having a hard time to reply: “I signed the contract, the above terms I know them! I also know my status, please you … …”

“You know it!” Although the woman chests rise and fall, she knew that if only she wasn’t infertile, she would never allow this girl gave birth to the future successor of Mu family.

But the thought of this girl with the man she loves doing that thing all night, her heart was madly jealous!


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