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Yin Xiachun was stabbed in the heart when her brother maintained his silence.

In a suffocated tone, she implored, “Brother, I hate to see you with other girls.

Can we keep to our childhood promise to be together always Lets be together for a hundred years and forever!”

Her naïve plea was accompanied by a frantic and desperate look; she was hoping to have her brother embrace her and tell her, “Yes, lets be together forever.”

He did none of these, however.

Tremblingly, he pried open her clutching fingers one by one.

His ashen face was full of resignation as he looked at her and said, “Be good.

Dont spout nonsense, yeah”

“Im not talking nonsense! I mean it!” She inched closer to him and urged solemnly, “I really want to be with you always, brother.

This has always been our promise to each other, right”

“Xiachun, we are siblings.

There will come a day when Ill have a girl whom I love to be my wife.

That girl will be with me forever and not you.


“Why” Her face turned as white as a sheet of paper with his words.

These cruel words drove a wedge deep into her heart.

Her eyes rimmed with tears immediately.

She clenched her fists tightly.

Despondency, which could be seen in her eyes, almost swallowed her whole.

“What kind of promise did you give me in the past Was it a lie You clearly promise me…”

His eyes, filled with haze, turned to stare at the black and white keyboard, instead.

“I did promise you that well always be together and never be apart, but its not in this manner; do you understand”

There was silence on her side now.

He furrowed his brows and was about to open his mouth as he looked up at her when she suddenly pounced on him.

With her little face inching close to his, her hand looped around his neck.

Before he could regain his composure, her face closed in on his.

Copying the actions of those characters depicted in a shōjo manga she had read, she flapped her eyes close and gently plastered her lips onto his cool, thin ones.

This was Yin Xiachuns first kiss, as well as Yun Shishis first on-screen kiss.

Just like the protagonist she was portraying, her kissing skill was bad.

As her upper torso leaned on Gu Xingze, she almost felt the warmth from his chest and the strong beating of his heart through the flimsy fabric.

He gave off an inexplicable fresh scent that was different from Mu Yazhes cologne.

It smelled of natural freshness.

Just as she placed her lips onto his, that domineering mans handsome but angry face flashed across her mind.

“Woman, how dare you betray me!”


Whos betraying who now

She closed her eyes lightly and forcefully wiped that face off her mind.

As per the script, she hugged his shoulders as she leaned further and deeper into his arms.

Her greedy lips wanted more of him as her kiss wallowed further in his fresh breath.

Yin Dongyu was supposed to struggle free from her embrace at this moment.

He would push her away harshly and rein in this situation that was getting out of control.

However, Gu Xingze hesitated.

With his eyes wide open, he saw with clarity Yun Shishis sweet face before him.

Her eyes were shut lightly as she drew close and her shoulders were tense and withdrawn.

She seemed to think that kissing was a very sacred action.


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