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Yang Mi was different, however.

She debuted as a child actress and stepped foot in the entertainment industry at a young age.

At the age of five, she starred as a young princess in a drama about an imperial harem.

As a child actress who had successfully transitioned into a full-fledged actress, she had many experiences in shooting for productions.

Unfortunately, her acting skill was just up to par, and this was her biggest weakness in her career as an artiste.

Appearances could be improved with plastic surgery and fame could be increased by creating a buzz to attract attention.

However, her lack of skill in acting remained as her Achilles heel!

Given Yun Shishis superior aptitude to hers, she would naturally eye her with hostility.

Another reason was none other than her becoming the female lead despite being a rookie actress.

The competition for this role was originally between Yan Bingqing and Yang Mi, but when Yun Shishi parachuted into the team, the two past rivals instantly became present allies.

It was indeed as the saying went:The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

As such, after being criticized by Lin Fengtian, the two banded together and went to ridicule her.

Unfortunately for them, Yun Shishi was someone who remained indifferent to honor or disgrace.

She did not take their taunts to heart.

Throughout the night, she carefully analyzed the issue with her positioning.

On the next day of filming, her positioning improved tremendously, and there appeared to be no major issues.

Even if there were, they were only minor flaws, and her takes were quickly compensated for under Lin Fengtians instructions.

He was extremely shocked by this, yet he did not compliment her before the others.

He wanted to praise her badly, but he could not do that.

He rarely did commend someone.

If he were to do so before everyone else, they would definitely be envious of her.

Thus, regardless of her excellent performance, he never did let his happiness surface.

In reality, he was absolutely satisfied with her performance, which was better than what he had expected; she was even better than Gu Xingze in acting.

He landed a slap to his thigh.

Once he thought of the upcoming kissing scene, he was simply blushing in excitement.

He looked forward to her performance!

The following take was also quickly done.

Soon, they were about to film the tenth scene.

Thrilled, he ran over to where the pair was to explain the scene.

There were a few kissing scenes in the entire novel, and there were only five throughout the movie.

According to the script, the first kiss occurred between Yin Dongyu and Yin Xiachun in this particular scene.

Yun Shishi had mentally prepared herself for the kiss in advance.

Only a few words described it in the novel, so when she heard that the director had requested for a close-up shot for this scene, her face immediately turned a few shades of crimson.

“When you act out the kiss, you need to immerse yourself fully in it.

Yin Xiachuns innocence, nervousness, and thunderous heartbeats, as well as Yin Dongyus unrest and helplessness, must be properly portrayed!”

For some reason, she was suddenly a little out of sorts during his instructions.

Mu Yazhes charming yet refined voice rang in her ears.

‘Kiss me.

He was the first person she had kissed.

Before that, she had no experience in it whatsoever.

She vividly recalled him gracefully stretching himself in front of her.

His pair of deep-set eyes laid on her body as his lips formed a sinister yet provocative upward curve.

He whispered to her,Please me.

As he solicited a kiss from her, he kept hold of her floundering hands and pulled her into his chest.

He then pressed her body against a wall and domineeringly deepened the kiss to the point of oxygen-depletion.

With their fingers locked together, they experienced a kiss so intense they seemed to melt into each others blood and bones.

However, at the thought of him doing that while he affectionately entangled his body with another womans, an ill feeling uncontrollably rose from her chest.


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