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He was very much infuriated by her outrageous speech.

He had repressed his anger and held in his resentment for Gu Xingze earlier; as such, with nowhere to air his frustrations, he was already at his breaking point.

Ye Minglans censuring words severed the last thread of his patience and he vented all his grievances aloud at once.

“D*mn it, Ye Minglan! What do you mean by that! You kept fawning at him with yourMaster Gu– how capable can he be! The Gu family Ha ha! What of him being a Gu! I heard that hes a mongrel – a b*stard of Old Gu from his mistress! He acts like an emperor just because hes a member of the Gu family! Is he even capable of crushing the Li family under his feet!”

A contemptuous glint flashed past her eyes.

Not only could Gu Xingze crush them under his feet, if he were in the mood, he could destroy them anytime.

Li Chengze smirked at the ridicule apparent on her face.

With alcohol at work, he bluntly stated, “Ye Minglan, Im of lowly birth while youre of a lofty status! Satisfied”

Once he was done spouting that, he grabbed his outerwear and left without looking back at her!


Lets stop arguing.

What an unfortunate birthday.

Everyone, scatter!”

“Minglan is impossible to please.

Were neither the prince of the Mus nor the young master of the Gus.

Shell definitely not give us a thought!” Under the influence of alcohol, someone spoke this aloud with biting sarcasm.

“What do you all mean by that”

“Nothing! Were not interested as well.

Lets leave!”

The audience started to get up in succession; they were unwilling to be in her company any longer.

This also meant that the party had come to a disappointing end.

Standing rooted to the spot, she watched the crowd leave the venue as she convulsed with fury.

Outside the bar, when Gu Xingze carried Yun Shishi into the vehicle, she was already on the verge of sleeping.

She nestled in the corner of the car, shut her eyes, and huddled to herself.

The air within the vehicle was a little chilly.

He made a mental note to inform the driver about turning down the air conditioner.

The scenery outside continued to change as the car drove by.

The hustle-bustle of the city indicated the commencement of a teenagers nightlife.

He reached out to position her body to lean on his chest.

He slightly bent his head forward to observe her tilted lashes.

She seemed to be in deep sleep.

He lifted his fingers and gently tucked a few stray hair strands behind her ear.

Under the faint glow of the moonlight, she appeared as radiant as a ceramic fashioned out of jade.

Although he was already physically close to her, he was still surrounded by a heavy cloud of loneliness.

Sometimes, he would feel this foreign emotion of his beloved being so close to him yet so far away.

He moved to caress her face, but when he recalled how she had shied away from him back at the bar, he abruptly halted his action.

Helplessly chuckling to himself, he unwillingly retracted his hand.

The moonlight cast dark shadows on her features.

Her eyes, which were hidden beneath her fringe, slowly fluttered open.

She was obviously awake yet she pretended to be asleep.

Pom, pom, pom!

A series of knocks on the door sounded clearly through the silent night.

Yun Tianyou woke up with a start and sat up from the sofa.

Quickly shuffling to the door in his slippers, he opened it to find Gu Xingze and his mommy huddling together.

His expression shifted into worry.

“Mommy… What happened to mommy”

Gu Xingze, who was shocked to meet the little boy again, froze in place.

The youngster before him had features as beautiful as Yun Shishis.

He is… her son, right

Noticing the mans look of wonder, Youyous eyes, with shades of distinct black and white, lightly flickered.

He then exclaimed in amazement, “Whoa! Arent you that big celebrity, Gu Xingze Ive just seen you on TV!”


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