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Mu Wanrou screamed at the top of her lungs, “Shut up, Yun Shishi! Shut up! Havent you said enough!”

“Havent I said enough Of course, not!” She cut her off mercilessly.

With the corner of her lips arching into a bitter sneer, she asked, “Shouldnt I be the one asking you that For over a decade, youve been possessing what isnt yours.

Shouldnt you return what you have to its rightful owner!”

Mu Wanrou could not let go of her fists.

In her fury, she broke into a sudden string of chilling laughter, which was complemented by her disdain-filled look.

“Who would believe you To everyone, Im the real Young Mistress Mu now and even in the future! You want to fight with me You are not qualified at all!”

Yun Shishis eyes turned very frigid.

“Thats right.

I have no rights to compete with you because everything belongs to me in the first place.”

She strolled toward Mu Wanrou and stood right before her with eyes glinting.

Sans a warning, she grabbed her by the collar and sent a vicious slap across her face!

“The one who isnt qualified to compete with me is you!”

Mu Wanrou did not expect herself to be slapped.

Her eyes alarmingly burned with loathing and vengeance as she screeched, “You dared to hit me!”

“Why shouldnt I dare!” Once more, she sent a hard slap to her face with a sneer.

This time around, Mu Wanrou managed to flip her hand and grab her sleeve.

However, somehow or another, despite the others best effort to shake her away, the frail-looking woman stood her ground.

What she did not know was that Yun Shishi had learned a few judo techniques when she was a child.

Equipped with her excellent skill in that sport, she could evidently tackle a weak woman like Mu Wanrou!

“Yun Shishi, how dare you hit me.

Youll regret this!”

“Regret! Theres no regret when it comes to punishing a b*tch!” Looking severe, she raised her hand again.

“I dare you to do that! Try hitting my face again if you have the guts!” The other raised her voice and threatened, “Im pregnant now! Can you bear the consequence of hitting me!”

“What” Yun Shishi stopped in her tracks.

“Didnt you hear me clearly Im pregnant.

Can you bear the consequence of hurting the child inside me with your hit” The other gloated when she saw her stiff expression.

“Are you lying to me again You are infertile.” She refused to believe Mu Wanrous words.

“Why do I need to lie to you Didnt you witness my morning sickness before I only recently confirmed my pregnancy, too!” Seeing Yun Shishis eyes shimmer with suspicion despite claiming that she would not take her words for real, Mu Wanrou knew for sure that the other had taken the bait.

“You dont want to believe it, right”

“Arent you diagnosed as infertile” With an ashen face, Yun Shishi scrutinized her face in hopes of finding a loophole to the latters claim.

“Doctors can make mistakes, too.” She put on a false look of happiness to rub it in further.

“I couldnt believe it at first, too, but its the truth! Yun Shishi, Im pregnant with Mu Yazhes child.”

Yun Shishis face was suddenly awash with despondency as the news tore away her last shred of hope.

Mu Wanrou laughed at her grieving look.

“Why, Yun Shishi What did he tell you that you dont want to believe the truth now Why should I lie to you You know that I dont need to fake my pregnancy, right”


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