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Never mind the mans haughtiness and aloofness, just his special family background made it difficult for everyone to get close to him.

They could not even hold a candle to the man, so how could they attempt to befriend him Simply put, they were worlds apart.

Hence, the group at the table soon segregated into two distinct parties.

One group was the man and his companion; another group was the rest with their respective partners, playing finger-guessing games and throwing dices.

The superstar disliked this crowd from the get-go and found them to be distasteful.

As for Yun Shishi who was sitting next to him, she found the group to be too materialistic.

She knew there and then that she did not belong to their world.

Ye Minglan nudged her toward Li Chengzes side as she squeezed herself beside Gu Xingze.

It was obvious that she was trying to create a chance for her friend.

The birthday girl poured a shot of Hennessy for the superstar while she gave his companion a spiteful look from the corner of her eye.

Yun Shishi was sensitive enough to pick up the hint of hostility and could not help turning her head over her shoulder in shock.

What did she do to warrant such a contemptuous look from the birthday girl She was just sitting next to the man!

As she was getting worked up, the woman assumed her fabulous smile again, as though she had just imagined her expression just then.

She could bear this environment no longer and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Turning her head to Gu Xingze, she saw him looking irate as he downed the Hennessy in one shot under Ye Minglans pestering.

She could imagine his boredom as well!

“Xingze, its my birthday today; did you get me a present” The birthday girl suddenly clung and leaned slightly on to the superstars arm petulantly.

She seemed to be in a daze from the few drinks she had had.

“It was too rushed for me to get you one,” he replied with a smile.

The rest started to clamor when they heard that.

“Punishment! Punishment! Punishment!”

“You ought to be punished with a drink for not preparing a present for Sister Minglan! Its her birthday, yet you didnt prepare a gift for her!”

The birthday girl raised her hand to signal peace before she turned to him.

“You definitely have to take a shot as punishment, but a present from you is still possible, right”

Just then, the singing on stage came to a halt.

After their song ended, the band thanked the audience and left the stage.

“Encore! Encore!”

The audience was in a frenzy and asked for more.

The woman suddenly had an idea.

Turning to face the superstar with a smile, she asked coyly, “Xingze, didnt you just release a new EP recently Can you make an exception and sing a song for me tonight”

Li Chengze whistled upon hearing that.

“Wow! Xingzes gonna sing a song!”

The man turned to look at Yun Shishi pensively, as if seeking her permission.

The latter was startled before she smiled and signaled him to go ahead.

Thus, after taking the shot of Hennessy in one gulp amid the cheers, he turned to face Ye Minglan and said, “All right.

Ill sing a song for you.”

“Wow! Excellent!”

“Only Sister Minglan has such a great charm for a superstar to make an exception!”

The star walked up to the stage, and the band promptly assembled behind him.

He conferred with the musicians for a while before he sat in a chair at the forefront and lifted the mike near his mouth.

The drum instantly started, followed by the guitar at a light tempo.


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