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As if splashed by a bucket of cold water, the earlier excitement was completely extinguished by Gu Xingzes arrival at the VIP booth.

Everyone present was of the same age as him, and, in fact, some were older than him, but all acted like their typical rich selves – spoiled with all their vices.

Today, on Ye Minglans birthday, they intended to party to their hearts content in this nightspot.

The night was just starting to get wild when the superstar took his seat.

Somehow, his presence here was out of place.

This handsome superstar was just in his early or late 20s, yet he exuded a palpable air of maturity and indifference it dissuaded others from getting close to him.

Even the hostess found her smile gradually frosting over.

Li Chengze, sensing the upbeat atmosphere turning gloomy, deftly directed everyones attention to Yun Shishi.


Who is this lady beside Xingze Shes such a looker!”

Hearing that, Yun Shishi lifted her small face with a shy look.

She traced the voice back to Li Chengze, who nearly lost himself in his lust upon meeting her doe eyes.

If she were not the superstars companion, he would truly take the liberty to ravage her tender lips.

Just as he finished his compliment, the rest started adding theirs.

The thing was that these rich mens praises were actually genuine.

After all, her beauty was the kind that easily moved a man.

Pure, innocent, and pleasant.

Which man could resist a woman like that

Restraining his frivolous nature, he smiled gently at her and asked, “Im called Li Chengze; you can address me as Chengze.

Whats yours”

Frowning, she hesitated to answer his question.

She neither liked his pick-up line nor him as a person with his indecorous behavior.

This only piqued the mans interest as he thought, This girl is surely shy!

How would she behave in bed Would she be wanton or be sweet and naïve just like her appearance

He had bedded many innocent types before, but all of them was just pretending to mask their avaricious nature.

None had the kind of authenticity she had.

He softened his tone further when she did not answer him.

“Dont be shy; I have no ulterior motive!”

He really sounded like he meant it.

Biting her lower lip, she replied neutrally, “Im Yun Shishi.”

Her voice was soft and melodious, just like a clear spring, and it was simply music to his ears.

He revealed a row of white teeth with his smile, yet he failed to hide the lasciviousness in his eyes.

“Ha ha! What a nice name! Can I be your friend”

The superstar eyed the man from his peripheral view.

Before she could form a reply, his lips flared up, and with a sudden jerk of his chin, he reached out to encircle her shoulders possessively with his arm.

She leaned headlong into his embrace as the others quickly got his signal.

The man was silently warning everyone at this booth not to touch her.

He was protecting her.

The mood was being energized anew by Ye Minglan, yet no one dared to talk to Gu Xingze still.


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