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Li Chengze scrutinized Yun Shishi with much interest.

With a gleam in his eyes, he muttered to the birthday girl, “Minglan, whats the name of the girl sitting beside Mr.

Gu If you can get her for me…”

She rolled her eyes and sneered.

“Look at you! Why Are you interested in another mans woman now Dont be a Humbert lusting after a Lolita!”


Find a way to get a hold of this woman for me, will you Ill get you the Hermes limited edition bag that youve been eyeing!”

“Am I that cheap!” Ye Minglan shoved him in annoyance while giving him a mocking look.

“Please dream on! How dare you try to touch Xingzes girl! Are you tired of living!”

His eyes sparkled with excitement as he spoke in a hushed tone.

“Its only a woman, right Theres no girl in the capital that I, Li Chengze, cant have! He he! She looks so sweet! Wasnt she with Master Mu before She probably got dumped after he got sick of her!”

Hearing his words, she took a second look at her and then finally remembered their previous encounter with her.

She was that woman having dinner with Master Mu!

No wonder she looks so familiar!

She was still upset at the recollection of this woman chasing them away.

However, thinking that this lass ended up with Gu Xingze after getting dumped by Master Mu, she could not help but feel a little sorry for her.

He he! Shes probably trying to get benefit from Gu Xingze now!

Her deduction made her feel better.

“I think that youd be better off forgetting it.

No matter what, shes Gu Xingzes companion now.

I have to consider his feelings, too!”

The man creased his forehead nonchalantly.

“Its just a girl, right He can have any woman he wants with his status, cant he All women want to have a piece of him.

With so many girls waiting to crawl into his bed, do you think he will care about this one”

She glared obliquely at him and muttered, “I have neither seen Xingze with other women nor witnessed him showering anyone with much care and attention before.

You shouldve seen how he cut the steak for her earlier.

He was really attentive!”

She initially thought her to be a missy from a rich family, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not recall which family that could be.

She knew almost every rich individual in the capital, but she had no impression of this lady.

From what she could see now, this lady should be a rookie who was eager to advance her career in the show business; she was probably a fresh model or actress.

One thing was for sure; this woman was no rich lady.

Li Chengze was displeased when she reiterated, “My advice to you is to put a stop to your idea about that woman now!”

He simply gave a loud snort and ignored her.

Arent all women the same! If she can bed Mu Yazhe and then move on to Gu Xingze next, she can surely be with me in bed, right


I can always wait for the superstar to get tired of her after he has his fun, and then Ill take over from there!

Shes such a sweetie; I dont mind if shes just a leftover of the two!

Yun Shishi sat quietly beside Gu Xingze.

With her eyes looking down, only her luscious eyelashes were visible.

She looked harried and helpless, just like a little lamb shuffled into a wolfs den, the way her left hand held onto the mans sleeve tightly.


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