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That inebriated pretty brunette was the young missy of Grace Holdings.

The smart-looking man beside her was the owner of this bar, as well as the son of Ocean Holdings, Xu Liang.

Yun Shishi followed Gu Xingze into this bar and had to cover her ears from the deafening music.

The atmosphere inside the bar was at its climax now.

Dumbfounded and bewildered, she watched the crowd sway their bodies uninhibitedly to the music on the dance floor.

She hardly visited places like this, so although this bar was not as smoky as she had imagined, she was still unable to adapt to this messy and loud environment.

The bustling and upbeat music was nearly overwhelming her eardrums, and the mingling crowd was almost squashing her.

Subconsciously, she reached out to hold the mans hand tightly.

His hand was cool to the touch, yet it provided her great comfort.

He felt her little hand tugging at his and lowered his head to see the lady beside him with such a helpless look on her face.

The message of rejection was clear in her eyes.

She was terribly uncomfortable here to the point of disliking the bar.

Indeed, she, who was innately taciturn and introverted, was ill-suited for such a place.

He caught hold of her hand and asked with a raised brow, “You dont like this place”

“Ah! What did you say!” It was too noisy inside this bar, so she failed to catch his words.

Standing on her toes, she brought her ear closer to him.

The man was lanky, so despite her best effort to stand on her toes, her head barely reached past his shoulders.

She leaned her head on his shoulder in slight frustration, which made him smile in response.

Lowering his head, he slowly articulated his words to her ear.

“You dont like this place”

His deep voice, which was full of magnetism, was slightly gasping for breath.

It fanned her neck warmly.

That part of her body seemed to be on fire as well, causing her cheeks to turn red.

She nodded unnaturally.

“I dont like it!”

Fearful of him not catching her words, she showed him her dislike of the place through her face.

“Well leave if you dont like it here.”

He held her arm and was about to turn and go.

Startled, she quickly pulled his sleeve and smilingly said, “Arent you having a date with your friend here Dont worry about me; you do what you need to do, and Ill keep you company!”

Keep him company…

His lips curled into a sweet arc as he raised a brow in surprise.

From his oblique view, he caught a glimpse of a slim shadow walking toward him through the crowd.

Ye Minglan had changed into a sexy long black dress.

With her wavy curls hanging loosely and voluminously on her chest and after reapplying her makeup, she looked more charming and amorous than ever.

“Xingze, youre finally here; Ive been waiting for you!”

He broke into a slight smile.

She turned her gaze toward Yun Shishi who was standing beside him.

In a white dress, the latters pair of slender and fair legs was exposed.

Her standard student outfit exuded a taboo beauty.

Currently, many men were into this sweet and innocent fad of uniform seduction.

She was dressed like this because she wanted to look youthful during the boot ceremony.

Now, standing at this bar, she very much looked out of place.

Ye Minglan found her looks to be quite familiar all of a sudden.

She seemed to recall seeing her before but could not recollect the specifics.

Right now, she, who showed up in such an occasion in her wholesome outfit, looked so… awkward.


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