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Huang Na was surprised to hear that.

“Oh, god.

She looks like the innocent-type that is to Xingzes taste!”

Gu Xingze had once commented in an interview that he preferred the innocent-type with waist-long hair and clear, sparkling eyes.

Yun Shishi fulfilled his criteria of an ideal woman to a T.

“Why do you care who she is Do you even know why I invited him to the party tonight Im creating a chance for you.

Na Na, dont disappoint me!”

Her friend could not help teasing her.

“Dont you like him, too”

She smiled and replied, “He is indeed one of a kind, but what I have for him is only admiration; I already have someone else in mind.”

“Who is that” The other dug further curiously.

“Mu Yazhe.” She snorted.

“Master Mu! Doesnt he already have a fiancée!” Huang Na exclaimed as she recalled the news earlier.

“What if hes engaged That woman, Mu Wanrou, cant bear him a child, so I doubt that she will be favored.

Anyway, I hardly see her around Master Mu.

This must be a prearranged marriage for him.

Besides, even if hes married, that doesnt mean he cant have a few wives, right Just look at the Mu familys tradition; the head of the household for the past generations have been practicing polygamy! Theres no missy in the whole capital who doesnt hold a secret desire for him.

Every girl wants to be the next young mistress to his high self!”

Her friend was even more startled to hear that.

“Dont tell me that you want to be his kept mistress”

With a haughty laugh that was full of disdain, she replied, “Mistress Hmph! I, Ye Minglan, will be the young mistress in the Mu family!”

Imperial Bar was the most expensive club and the most upmarket one to be found in the capital.

The golden hour had arrived.

The atmosphere was soaring with the heavy metal music and staggering stage lights.

The crowd was getting closer to the climax of this night.

This limited-membership bar, which was opened by the young heir of Ocean Holdings in the capital, was patronized by the sons and daughters of the capitals rich and famous.

Besides well-known artistes and superstars, highly acclaimed film producers and directors were frequent visitors of this bar, too.

Gu Xingze was, of course, no stranger to this place.

In fact, he was on good terms with some musicians here and came over regularly to support them.

However, unlike the other patrons who liked to party, he preferred to occupy a secluded table alone with a bottle of Hennessy whenever he was here.

The offspring of the capitals wealthy and top officials could often be found here around midnight.

Those young princes and princesses gathered here to while the night away.

Actually, it would be more accurate to call this place a Hall of Fame.

At this moment, a popular rock singer was standing on the stage and singing his heart out in an upbeat and wild tempo.

At a VIP table, dozens of beer glasses clinked against one another at once with a loud ting !

“Yeah! Cheers!”

A man with sharp features excitedly downed his drink at one go.

His cheeks flushed an apparent red from drinking too much.

A pretty girl in brunette had to clutch his shoulders for support after a mouthful.

She waved her hands wildly in the air, mumbling unintelligibly, “I cant anymore… woo… woo…”

The rest gave her a consensus boo in seeming disappointment; they were not ready to let her off and continued to force her to drink.

These pretty lads and lasses sitting at this VIP table were naturally the so-called sons and daughters of the rich and famous in the capital.


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