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The ceremony officially commenced.

One after another, the directors and the executive producers went up the stage to present their speeches to the reporters.

This was followed by a representative from each department of the production team taking turns to offer their joss sticks on the raised platform.

Finally, being the two main leads, Yun Shishi and Gu Xingze offered their joss sticks as well.

The reporters roared with excitement as the two made their way up the stage while facing each other.

The climax of the entire ceremony was undoubtedly the appearance of these two main leads.

The leads physical looks were put to the strictest test filming for a teen movie, and the two were simply textbook examples for looking frozen in time.

When the 24-year-old and the 28-year-old stood together, they seemed to fit perfectly, just like the main characters in the novel.

Yun Shishi specially picked a snowy-white dress as her outfit today to showcase her beautiful figure and body proportions.

Her hair, soft and smooth, cascaded on her shoulders like silk, and her complexion, fair like white ceramic, was pure and refined.

Gu Xingze, meanwhile, donned a white blouse and a pair of form-fitting black trousers.

His simple outfit exuded nothing but youthfulness.

His exquisite features were vibrant yet handsome, his skin was fair and clear, and his eyes were limpid.

Therefore, despite being 28, he did not appear awkward at all playing Yin Dongyu from his high school to his university years.

No post editing of photographs was needed when the two stood together.

Their outstanding physical features seemed to guarantee that the movie would be a box-office hit.

Every reporter in the audience could not help sighing ruefully.

Rumors had it that Lin Fengtian was very demanding; he made accurate judgments on actors and stood his ground when it came to selecting his cast.

Initially, these reporters had questioned how Yun Shishi got the female lead role, but looking at the two actors on stage right now, they could only lament and envy how young and beautiful they appeared and how the years had been kind to the two.

There was truly a reason why Lin Fengtian had chosen her as the female lead!

Be it her appearance or aura, she was more than qualified for the character!

Comparing all the candidates, especially when Yan Bingqing, Yang Mi, and Yun Shishi were together in the same room, one could easily see the difference in the quality of their physical looks despite being of the same age.

Yun Shishis eyes met Gu Xingzes before they made their way to the tribute table with joss sticks in their hands.

The latter dipped his head to light the joss sticks.

The two then bowed in an orderly manner.

After the offering was done, it was time to interview the two main leads.

“Hello, Yun Shishi! Im a reporter from Phoenix Media.

Please briefly talk about how you feel playing asYin Xiachun!”

Having gone through improvisation training, she had a draft worked out in her mind within a few seconds.

She answered with a smile, “Thank you for your question! Im very happy to be able to work with such an excellent team.

Director Lin is a very responsible and dedicated director; he strives to make his work be the best examples of beauty and excellence.

The work attitude of the production team is great as well.

Im very honored for this chance to work with so many talented colleagues.

I also love the screenplay of the movie; Ive previously read the novel, and Im touched by Yin Xiachuns personality.

She is spirited and dares to love and hate.

Ill work hard and do my best, so please take good care of me!”

An ovation rang across the venue as soon as the last word left her mouth.

“Hello, Gu Xingze! Could you give us your thoughts on starring in this movie as well”

Looking into the camera, he grinned and replied in a magnetic voice, “Im very happy to be part of Director Lins production again.

This is the third time that were collaborating, and Im honored to be given another chance to work with such a talented director.”


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