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On a private jet.

Mu Yazhe, who was sitting on the sofa comfortably, casually stirred his coffee.

His orbs were dull and profound.

Yun Tianyous arrogant words reverberated in his ears.

He had indeed spent the past few days investigating the identity of Lezhi Holdings CEO.

Of course, never did he once imagine that the person who had parachuted to the top position of that toy manufacturing company a year ago was actually his son.

A year ago

How old was the boy then

Six years old

Who would be convinced that a six-year-old could head the board of directors

It was no wonder that Lezhi higher-ups had not seen their mysterious CEO even till today.

No one would be able to bear the thought of their CEO being a mere seven-year-old.

What was the relationship between Yun Tianyou and Hurricane Group

From his investigation, the CEO of Lezhi Holdings had close ties with that international firearms group.

Could his son perhaps be deeply involved with the latter

He warned him to clean out all the women beside him, especially emphasizing Mu Wanrou.

Could his son have, perhaps, looked into everything about that woman

Furrowing his brows, Mu Yazhe slowly placed down his cup of coffee.

Truthfully, he had known of that womans identity long ago.

A decade and a half ago, when his grandfather first brought her into the family, the old man held no suspicions toward her as she had that keepsake.

Grandpa Mu directed all his love and longing for Mu Qingcheng to Mu Wanrou as he missed his adoptive daughter dearly.

Grandpa Mus love for Mu Wanrou, however, had Mu Liancheng casting doubts on her legitimacy.

He proposed to have the newly adopted girl undergo a DNA maternity test.

Mu Sheng then studied Mu Wanrous facial features carefully; indeed, her looks were not just a tad different from Mu Qingcheng.

No traces of the latter could be seen from her at all.

He was a little doubtful if she was truly Mu Qingchengs biological daughter.

When the results of the DNA test came out, the probability of maternity was 99.999%.

Everyone was convinced with the results.

When she hit adulthood, however, even Grandpa Mu thought that her identity was questionable.

They looked different.

Too different.

Be it the looks or aura, they were worlds apart.

He started holding suspicions toward her.

Although she looked beautiful and delicate, the air between her brows was completely unlike that woman – causing his skepticism to spiral upward.

Therefore, Grandpa Mu ordered someone to retrieve a lock of her hair and send it for a DNA testing again behind her back.

The results were still the same.

Mu Yazhe thought that this was dubious.

Having the matter secretly investigated, he found out that she had bribed the staff at the hospitals Department of Genetics to modify her DNA test results.

Indubitably, Mu Sheng believed her identity.

Unbeknown to him, the actual DNA results had already been disposed of by Mu Wanrou.

Mu Yazhe was in doubt; since she was not the actual daughter of Mu Qingcheng, what was the matter with the DNA test report a decade and a half ago

Perhaps, someone was plotting something in secrecy

Following the traces of evidence, he continued his investigation and eventually uncovered that Mu Wanrous identity was falsified.

The paternity test report 15 years ago had been modified as well.

While the culprit for that was still unknown even now, Mu Wanrous fake identity was affirmed.

He did not disclose her identity from the get-go, however.

Back then, it did not matter whether his fiancée was authentic or fake.

As the heir and future head of this powerful and elite Mu family, he had no say in his marriage.

This had been decided by the family elders long ago.


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