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You You” words was once again pop out on the screen as the caller.

But this time, he did not ignore it, he chose to answer.

The call has been connected, Mu Yazhe heard a soft voice of a little young boy from the other end “uhhh … … Mommy, where are you Youyou can’t find you, Mommy … …”

He seems just woke up, his voice still sounds hazy.


Mu Yazhe frown his eyebrows, this woman actually have a child

She was married and have a child

Married but, at night she goes out with other men Isn’t she with that man who bought her for two hundred thousand for one night


“Mommy Mommy are you there” Youyou’s voice sounds a little scared when no one answered him.

“Mommy, where are you quickly answer Youyou.”

Mu Yazhe frown, he looked at the sleeping Yun Shishi on the bed, and faintly answered: “Your Mommy is here.”

Youyou got terrified when he heard a faint cold voice, it sounds very mature and sounds like an emperor.

Youyou got alerted and asked, “Who are you Are you a bad guy”

Getting an alert thought is a common child’s trait.

Mu Yazhe pondered for a moment, and helplessly answered: “I am … …”

But suddenly, he doesn’t know how to answer.

He also doesn’t know what he is to her! Her Employer

But that was six years ago, and now he’s not.

He selfishly thought that now he is regarded as her antidote or a helper, right

“Why is Mommy in there” Youyou nervously asked.

“Your mommy is busy.” He hastily answered, apparently he doesn’t have the intention to waste too much time with the little guy.

“Is she” The little guy accidentally believed his crappy lie, and his tone became a little more careful:”Did Youyou …disturb Mommy from work”

Subconsciously, Youyou tried linking together the words “busy with something” and “work”.

What a pure and innocent child.

“No!” Mu Yazhe tone got soft, He doesn’t know why he can’t speak coldly like always with this child.

“Mommy really work hard ah! Uncle, will you please don’t let her work in night shift or in… … the middle of the night again, Youyou is afraid … …” Youyou hesitantly ask with his soft voice, but this soft tone of him actually let Mu Yazhe think of Mu Yi Chen.

His voice sounds like a music of nature.

Did her child inherit her beautiful voice They’re both sounding like a small cat.

Night When “Night Shift” words came out from Youyou’s mouth, Mu Yazhe heard it very clear.

Originally, last night was not an accident She really often does those things like those dirty women, dealing with different men just to make money!

This woman is really wild.

She appears to be pure, but deep inside she’s not.

However, Mu Yazhe could not bear to say those words to a child, so he faintly answered: “I understand, next time I will not let your mommy work a night shift.”

“What Uncle, are you the person in charge of the company”


Youyou suddenly smiled and said: “Uncle must be the boss ah! My mommy works so hard, right Can’t Uncle increase her salary And then, at the end of the year, can’t she get a perfect attendance bonus And a Mother’s Day bonus … … the boss should be more generous so that the company’ staff will work hard even more!”

This child is… …clever!


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