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What a rascal!

He was an unapproachable and arrogant kid before him, yet why was he such a docile and lovable child in front of her

Just as she finally detached her clothes shoulder strap from his blouse button, she heard the boy call out to her in a lovely voice.

She moved to answer him on reflex but managed to stop herself in time.

The two exchanged looks.

She gestured for him to remain silent.


Right now, even Mu Yazhe knew that their situation was anything but normal and was instead quite indecent.

They were almost caught in the act.

She slid into her overcoat and surveyed their surroundings right after.

Walking toward the French window and dragging it to the side, she revealed a balcony.

She looked past her shoulder and signaled for him to leave.

“Hurry and leave!”

Contrary to expectation, his blood started boiling and he snorted.

“Why should I”

She was completely dumbfounded.

“Youyou is back; go first, hm”

“Im not leaving.

I havent even received my kisses and hugs yet.

Am I supposed to leave just because you say so” The man gracefully leaned his back against the wall and imitated Youyous manner of speaking.

The corner of her lips twitched.

“Stop with the jokes!”

“Im not joking,” he seriously replied.

“Are you a kid as well!” Angered, she broke into a fit of laughter, instead.

Why does this father-son pair behave in the same manner

Is behavior hereditary

They portrayed themselves in a similar fashion when they acted shameless.

Outside the bedroom, Yun Tianyou continued his search as he made his way to the washroom.

Noticing lights seeping through a crack in the door, the boy thought that she had probably forgotten to turn them off after she had washed her hands.

He reckoned that she was bathing in the washroom now, so he placed his head next to the door and gently asked, “Mommy, are you taking a bath in there”

No one replied even after a while.

“Mommy, Im coming in, okay!” The little boy covered his eyes before he carefully turned the knob and entered the washroom.

He glanced in the direction of the bathtub and peeked through the cracks between his fingers.

No one was there.

He crossed his arms in defeat and snorted in annoyance.

Where is mommy hiding

Has she gone out

She could not have gone out without her phone, though…

He exited the washroom and cast his eyes on her bedroom.

He happened to spot the flitting of a shadow through a crack in the door despite the lights being off.

He arched a brow in suspicion.

Proceeding to her bedroom, he knocked on the door.

“Mommy, I know you are in there.

May I come in”

“…” Her lips twitched furiously, and she glared at the man hatefully.

The latter looked completely relaxed, however.

Unperturbed, he beckoned her with his fingers and then tapped his cheek lightly to give her a hint.

As angry as she was, she had no choice but walk toward him.

The man grabbed hold of her arm and pulled it over forcibly to land her in his arms.

She gritted her teeth, stood on her toes, and cupped his handsome face to plant a kiss on his thin lips.

It was an intense kiss.

The kiss was full of impatience and agitation, making him feel somewhat disappointed at it.

Was this woman seriously chasing him away because of their son

As such, he bit the edge of her lip.

She pursed her lips as a corollary and tolerated the blossoming pain.

As their lips came apart, she glared at him.

Looking as if she wanted to gouge his eyes out, she probed with her gaze. Are you satisfied now

Perceiving her embarrassment, he teased her with his glance.

Youyou realized that the door was unlocked, so he hurriedly twisted its handle.

The moment he entered the room, all the lights went on.

He swept his gaze over in surprise, only to spot his mother standing by the bed with an unnatural expression.

With her hands clasped behind her back, she glanced at him smilingly.

“Darling, youre back!”


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