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I dont want to listen to your nonsense anymore! Youd better shut up about this before I make up my mind! I dont want anyone else to know of my pregnancy! We are on the same boat right now, so youd better not try to do anything funny.”

He smiled bitterly at her but said nothing more as he got into the car expressionlessly.

Throughout the ride, she only maintained her gaze on her flat tummy.

Ambivalence fleeted across her eyes.

A Bentley rode into the car park compound of Lezhi Holdings.

Li Hanlin got off it, walked to the rear, and opened the door.

As Yun Tianyou alighted, his agent bent down to pick him up in his arms.

The boy looked up at the tall building, which was marked as Lezhis, and asked in a low tone, “Have you finished doing your investigation about that woman”



“Lets go in!”

The man nodded and carried him into the building.

Inside, every employee along the way glanced at them in surprise.

When the secretary saw Li Hanlin enter with a smart-looking boy in his arms, she asked in pleasant shock, “Youre back, Agent Li! That child in your arms is really adorable! How is he related to you”

Yun Tianyou furrowed his brows unhappily and made a casual remark.

“Do you have time for chit-chat during the office hours”

The agent immediately chided, “Dont talk so much; go back to your work!”

Taken aback, the secretary hastily retreated to her desk.

Inwardly, she was thinking that the child was too mature for his age! The boy looked innocent and adorable, but why was his presence so overpowering when he spoke!

The man carried the little lad into his office and settled him in a swivel chair.

The boy gracefully leaned his body against the backrest and leisurely examined the office interior.

This was actually his first time being at Lezhis headquarters after his successful acquisition of that 60-percent shares.

The agent made him a cup of Ceylon black tea and then passed a thick stack of information sheets to him.

“Is everything in here”

“Eh! Everything is in there.”

The boy drank a mouthful of the tea and carefully went through the files.

Gradually, his brows deepened into a frown.

The data indicated that Mu Wanrous biological mother was a lowly masseur at a parlor.

She abandoned her daughter at the entrance of a hospital shortly after giving birth to her.

The baby girl was picked up by a kind couple soon after.

Unfortunately, she had lost her adoptive parents to an accident and was subsequently sent to a welfare center.

When she was nine, she was adopted and taken away by the Mu family.

Information about the private orphanage was also available in the sheets in greatly disturbing details.

He flipped through a few more pages, and that was when his eyes caught sight of a startling fact, which set off alarm bells in his head.

Li Hanlin spied the change in his expression and looked over at what he was reading.

The information shared that the welfare center director was jailed for acts of pedophilia three years ago.

The list of victims included over a dozen of orphans, even young boys, from the orphanage.

The director was a 50-year-old man called Luo Hanjin.

This was once big news, so nearly everyone knew of it.

Most of his victims were young and naïve children, with the youngest only being six years old.

He got exposed to the public by the media when a long-suffering girl was abandoned by the welfare center at a hospital after contracting venereal diseases.

Her genitals were close to festering abscess at the time of diagnosis.

The hospital made a police report, thereafter.


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