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She was sincerely grateful to the girl.

Sweet and kind-hearted, she was just like an angel to her.

This was until that faithful day in the washroom when she happened to hear a muffling sound from the next cubicle.

Following this faint gasp and a slight sound of struggle, Rouers tensed and frightened voice was heard.

“Director, can you be gentler Rouer is hurting! Wu… wuu… wuuu…”

“Rouer, be good and dont scream, all right Others must not hear us.”

“Director, can we skip this today Rouer will use her mouth to do it, okay”

“All right.

Rouer is such a good girl! Later, Ill get you some candies… em…”

She was alarmed to hear the directors tight and suppressed voice inside the girls washroom.

Naïve and young, she could not understand what was going on at that time, and she just found all of it strange.

Doubtingly, she drew closer to the cubicle.

The door was locked from the inside, but from a little gap, she was surprised to see the director standing tall and erect with his back facing the door.

From her angle, his pants were pooling down on his thighs, while Rouer, looking unkempt, was kneeling on the floor and constantly bobbing her head back and forth.

She was unable to see exactly what they were doing.

She pressed in for a closer look and knocked her face against the door in the process; thereby, she inadvertently alerted the two inside.

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The girl shot her head up shamefully, her terrified eyes sweeping in the direction of the door.

Yun Shishi could not avoid in time, and her eyes squarely met Rouers.

An inexplicable surge of panic overtook her.

It might be the girls eerie look or the distress and shame in her eyes that sent her fleeing back to her room.

That night, she was reading a comic book on her bed when the girl returned to their room.

Pushing the door open, the girl strode straight to her and yanked her off the bed by the hair.

She pressed close to her ear and, in a threatening voice which was full of rage, demanded, “Did you see it Did you see everything”

She was scared stiff and quickly shook her head, not understanding the cause of the latters distress.

The girl straightened, kicked her with her foot, and whined to the rest of the kids.

“She bullied me!”

“I didnt!”

Before she could clarify, the rest of the children crowded around to hit her.

None of them doubted the girls words.

That was because she was good to each of them, giving them food and bringing them out to play.

No one dared to defy her order.

She was sent to the medical treatment room for her injuries that night.

She had become everyones enemy without a clue.

The next day, the jade she had put under her pillow went missing.

She asked around, but no one had seen it.

This was until she saw it around Rouers neck.

Agitated, she confronted, “Thats my jade!”

In response was Rouers wistful and piteous denial.

“What do you mean This is my jade.

It was given to me by my mother! Its you who stole this from me.

You are a thief!”

“Im no thief!”

Before everyones accusations and doubts, her weak argument sounded vacuous.

“That piece of jade belongs to me in the first place! Its mine; Im no thief.

Im really not a thief!”

“Do you mean to say that Ive stolen your thing!”


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