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“No need.” She leaned her feeble body against him and massaged her chest.

“Im feeling much better now.

It must be due to me not eating breakfast, so…”

“Why arent you taking good care of yourself” Aaron caressed her face lovingly.

Mu Wanrou clutched at her chest, as she still felt the unfathomable urge to gag.

She lifted her gaze in fatigue to the mirror, only to see from her peripheral the presence of another person.

Apparently, this someone had been standing there for a while now.

Her back reflexively stiffened as her countenance fell; she then hastily shoved the man away.

Aaron, who had failed to catch on to the situation in time, noticed her turn around with a wan face and stare directly ahead.

His eyes wonderingly followed her line of sight to his back and spotted Yun Shishi rooted to the spot at the washrooms entrance.

Yun Shishis facial expression was entirely frozen, and her eyes darted between them.

Mu Wanrou

Why is she with this man

She visited the washroom to clean the tea stain on her dress, but once she arrived at the door, the scene of the two affectionately huddling together came into her sight.

From her angle, Aarons hand was visibly stroking the side of Mu Wanrous waist.

She was even more startled about…

… Her retching just then.

Could it be morning sickness

Mu Wanrou was probably inexperienced on this, so she did not know what this entailed.

Being pregnant for 10 months with Youyou and Yichen, Yun Shishis morning sickness had been severe.

Thus, she easily associated Mu Wanrous vomiting to the latter having morning sickness.

Is she… pregnant

This conjecture gave her a thorough shock it caused a chill to form in her chest.

How is that possible

She clearly recalled this woman being congenitally infertile! It was impossible for her to get pregnant.

Therefore, back then, the Mus had hired a surrogate mother at a sky-high price to continue their family lineage.

However… that retching just then, if it were not morning sickness, then what was it

She took a peek at her complexion; her eyes were floating around, and she looked terrible.

Her heart immediately sank at the sight.

Could she really be pregnant

Noting her unusual expression, Mu Wanrou knitted her brows.

She had a guilty conscience, but at the reminder of this b*tch being a constant threat to her position, a twisted wrath surfaced from within her heart.

She sneered and emotionlessly spouted, “B*tch, what are you looking at!”

Yun Shishi ignored her hostility and blankly stated, “You both seem to be rather close…”

A streak of frenzy crossed Aarons features.

He quickly shifted half a step back before he explained to her right off the bat, “I noticed that Young Madame Mu is not feeling very well, so I went to her out of concern.”

She observed him salvaging the situation.

ThisYoung Madame Mu was simply pleasant to her ears.

She held her head aloft and revealed an elegant smile.

What if this b*tch had the ability to seduce others She was the young mistress of the Mu family now.

She was Mu Yazhes fiancée!

A woman like her was nothing more than a pastime to Mu Yazhe.

Once he grew tired of her, he would surely discard her away without a care.

He was a man.

Could she not be more knowledgeable about this stuff

Sooner or later, this thorn in her flesh would be gone!

It was a simple stroke of luck that this b*tch managed to escape this time.

Next time, she would definitely be more decisive in her ruthlessness!

Yun Shishi lightly tugged at the corner of her lips and asked, “Since youre aware that shes Young Madame Mu, dont you think that thisconcern of yours is a bit too much”

Guilt burgeoned in Mu Wanrous eyes in that instant, but she quickly suppressed it inside, and then she shot her a cold glare at once!


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