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Chapter 49: Like the first time

November 23, 2016Ai Hrist

The noise went away.

Yun Shishi was struggling to prop up her body, she tried lifting her heavy head and looked around with her blurred vision, she felt the whole world is upside down.

Her whole body is aching, hot and numb.

After seeing that no one is around, she could not tell where she was.

This torture is taking away her reasoning, her trembling hands wants to remove her dress to lessen the heat and pain.

At the door, a tall figure of a man appeared.

The whole world seems become small in his dominaring presence.

“Bang”, the door was shut closed and once again the room became dark.

The huge room made her suffocate.

Her lips and face turn flushed red, as she constantly gasping for breath, a soft sound of her breathing could be heard.

This pain in her body gave her uncomfortable feeling as if there was a huge gap or an emptiness in her body.

Her hands started to shake off the lingering feelings in her body as if her hands are trying to do something but she doesn’t know exactly what this body her needs now!

She felt that this is not good, she felt empty, she felt that she was in a pool of abyss!

She constantly stroked and rubbed her body, wanting to shake off this terrible desires.

But whenever she touched herself, it rather gives more stimulation.

Her body felt an uncontrollable excitement!

Mu Yazhe steps out in the darkness and slowly came closer to her until he reaches the side of the bed.

He stands in there for a while and lowered his head.

Under the moonlight, a white blanket was wrapped around her waist.

At this point, Yun Shishi’s dress has long been disarray.

The black shoulder strap slipped under her white rounded shoulders.

He sees her face looking strange and it was flushed red, and she helplessly removing her dress and seems to be in pain.

Mu Yazhe looking at her indifferently, his eyes gradually turn cold.

He had never thought that they would meet again in such a situation.

That man said that he spent two hundred thousand to buy her

Why Six years ago, Didn’t I paid her more than five million But that amount is still not enough She even had to sell her body and do such things

Or all these years, she really became like this

Was he just the beginning to use her own body And since then, how many men have touched her

Mu Yazhe hooks a smile and mocked her, his cold eyes showed a touch of disgust, he then turned and wanted to go.

However, Yun Shishi didn’t know exactly where did she get the strength to kneel in the bed.

She desperately stretches out her arms and tightly wrapped around his waist.

She doesn’t want to let go!

“Don’t go … … I’m sorry but, help me … …”

Mu Yazhe’s body got stiff, his back was affixed with her soft and fragrant body.

She greedily hugs his back and crosses her hands around his waist.

She slowly murmured: “Don’t go … … help me, help me okay … … Help me … … ”

Mu Yazhe didn’t move another step.

He slowly turned around, Yun Shishi takes the opportunity and flew into his arms, her hands are tightly wrapped around his neck, she softly affixed her body to him.

As if this actions of her will be able to comfort her hearts desires.

Mu Yazhe got aware of what she really asking for, after all, her delicate body was already burning hot!

He slightly got surprised, but then, he reaches out his hand to hold her chin and pulled closely her face.


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