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Yun Tianyou immediately climbed off his bed and made his way to the window when he heard his cautious voice.

He then marginally lowered his volume.


Im in the hospital.”

“Hows your injury Is it bad” His concern was evident from his nervous tone.

“My apologies for not making it to the hospital right away.”

“Its fine.

Im not seriously hurt.” Pausing, Yun Tianyou changed the topic.

“Hows that matter progressing”

“Mm! We caught the man, but according to CCTV, he appears to have an accomplice.

The other is still at large!” His voice grew softer with every word he spouted as he was afraid that the boy would reprimand him for not doing his work well.

Youyous voice was suddenly harsh.

“How do you do things!”

The agents tears welled up as he held the phone.

He knew he would say that!

However, he had truly done his best in this matter.

“Where is he” The lad calmed himself down.

He had no plan of handing over the man they had caught to the authorities.

He planned to force everything out from his mouth.  ( Box novel.c om )

Li Hanlin immediately answered him with utmost respect.

“He is currently being detained in a warehouse on the city outskirts.

Hes under heavy surveillance.

So far, hes remained tight-lipped about anything.”

“Oh” His brows knitted together as his lips curved chillingly.

“He wouldnt say anything!”

“Mm! I made the preparations to ensure his safety.”

The little boy praised, “Mm.

Good job.

A pay raise for you this month.”

What a rare bestowment.

Li Hanlin instantly burst into tears of gratefulness.

“Thank you, Mr.


Youve finally raised my pay.

My family will be over the moon!”

Yun Tianyou creased his brows in slight disgust.

He cast his eyes outside and blanked out for a moment.

He then suddenly came to a decision.

“He wouldnt say anything, right”


We tried everything on him, but the man remained tight-lipped, refusing to say anything.

We even found a poison sac in his mouth.”

“Poison sac” His brows furrow deepened.

“Whats that”


Yun, the man is a professional killer; by biting that poison sac, he can commit suicide and avoid information getting extracted from him through torture!” the agent explained.

He felt a chill run down his spine.

That was too vicious and calculative.

After a while, he ordered, “Pick me up tonight; Ill question him myself.”


Yun, that doesnt seem to be a good idea!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“Just follow what I say and dont ask questions,” he stated before hanging up the phone.

Turning around, he saw Mu Yichen leaning on the bed.

He was quite far from him and could not possibly hear the content of the twos phone conversation.

( Box novel.c om )    However, he keenly sensed his complete change in aura the moment he picked up the phone.

He was indifferent and stern and had a penetrating spirit.

Getting off his bed and coming up to his twin, Yichen caught a glimpse of his eyes.

They were extremely cold and distant.

He displayed a vastly different demeanor from the innocent and sweet vibe he gave off before Yun Shishi.

He had witnessed his calmness earlier.

When the Ferris wheel suddenly stopped, if it were other children, they would surely wail aloud in panic.

He did not do that, however.

He simply dialed a number and calmly remained seated thereafter.

Even when he was hanging outside the capsule, although he did get a little flustered, he was able to calm himself quickly.

In any case, this was his first time seeing such a terrifying look on a child.

Youyou glanced over at his brother.

He hesitated on whether he should share everything to his brother or keep it all to himself.

Being conflicted for a moment, he eventually decided to hide it from him.

He would settle this matter once and for all; there was no need to involve others.

He went to lie in his bed again.

What he did not notice was that there was a slight change in the way Mu Yichen looked at him.


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