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Well, this may not come as a surprise.

Both kids have seen each other after all, so they should know by now.

Sometimes, children could be very sensitive and observant.

She caressed his head and patiently coaxed, “Since you already know, you two should get along, right”

“But…” He frowned as his heart struggled.

He knew he was being selfish and even narrow-minded!

He wanted to share her love to his brother at first, but when it was time to do it, he became hesitant and regretful.

When he saw her gentle care for his brother, his mouth tasted a little sourness.

This uneasy and stuffy feeling he could not release really made him feel miserable.

Asking him to share his mommys love with Mu Yichen was just too much for him!

Her heart tugged at his doleful look, and she quickly asked, “But what”

“But… Youyou loves mommy, and mommy loves Youyou! Doesnt that Mu Yichen have his daddy already Isnt it enough for him to have his daddys love Why must he come and snatch mommy from Youyou”

“He isnt fighting with you for your mommy.”

( Box novel.c om )   Panic and uneasiness flashed across his face.

He clasped his mothers hands firmly in his palms.

“He is out to fight with Youyou.

Mommy belongs to Youyou in the first place…”

“Youyou, you must remember; mommy doesnt belong to you.” She patiently corrected him.

His eyes widened slightly and his pupils lost their focus as dense mist clouded his eyes lower rims.

This statement from her was like a sharp blade that pierced through his heart.

Mommy doesnt belong to me

He felt the sky crashing down on him when he recalled her words a second ago.

With his eyes hollowing, he stood there dumbstruck.

A crystalline tear rolled down his cheek from his eye.

She furrowed her brows as her heart ached at the pain reflected clearly in his eyes.

However, there were just some things that must be told to a child no matter how young he was.

“Mommy is not a thing, so Im not Youyous property! Still, Youyou should note that mommy really loves you.”

Still feeling sad, a muffled scream brokenly escaped from his throat.

The wetness of his dense eyelashes made him look even more pitiful!

“But Youyou loves mommy; Youyou hopes mommys love only belongs to Youyou and no one else…”

“Youyou, mommy loves you, too, and is the fondest of you.

Surely, Youyou can sense that” She hurried to clarify as she clenched his hands tightly to her chest.

He could feel the warm and strong beating of her heart past the fabric of her clothes.

“Mu Yichen is your older brother.

You two are mommys flesh and blood – born in the same year, month, and day.

Youyou, do you know that when you two were born, your brother was healthy, but you were very sick”


Its so unfair.”

He retorted with slight envy.

His face did not express the wistful thoughts in his mind as he listened to her.

He had been envious of healthy children since he was much younger.

( Box novel.c om ) It was painful and torturous to endure sickness every minute and every second of his life.

He seemed to live his entire life confined in the hospital in his younger days.

He opened his eyes to a snow-white world and closed his eyes to a bottomless abyss.

It was a dark time.


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