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He was simply shy at expressing his thoughts.

Nonetheless, he did make some space for him to be in her embrace because he acknowledged him.

In the past, he never liked sharing a part of Yun Shishis love with other children.

However, having thought it through, he reckoned he should not be that selfish!

This thought of his was simply too childish.

Mommy should like Yichen, too, right If he were to obstruct them from being together, his mommy would surely feel down.

He would never do anything to make his mommy sad.

Yun Shishi glanced at Yichen who was feeling stumped as he stood before her.

He held his dislocated arm while he looked a little worried and uneasy.

She laid her eyes on his misshapen elbow joint and felt even worse.

She did not know why he was in the theme park, nor did she know the reason for his sudden appearance before them and for his act of saving them earlier!

She only knew that this child, a mere six-year-old, had swooped in and saved Youyou and her in the nick of time!

She was, therefore, ever grateful to him and moved by him.

Still, the frenzy of surviving a disaster still lingered in her heart.

She dared not say anything, though.

If she were too aggressive, she feared that she would scare him to death or even cause him to shy away from her.

Thus, she worded her question carefully.

“Yichen, are you… all right”

When she called his name, his eyes bulged in astonishment.

His lashes lightly fluttered and his lips slightly quivered.

Even after going through such a perilous ordeal, he did not shed a tear, but now, his eyes held a little moisture at the rim!

Her gentle voice was like a mellow streamlet flowing into his heart.

His body, which was freezing from fear, was instantly warmed up by her voice.

Somewhat at a loss on how to answer, he looked a little foolish in his sheepishness.

He wanted to tell her that he was fine and all right, for he did not wish to worry her.

However, deep down, he wanted to tell her that his dislocated arm was hurting like hell and that he was still in shock after going through that moment of danger.

With fear still crawling in his heart, he, in fact, yearned for her comfort and care…

Alas, he was never an adept speaker, so he was clueless on how to express himself.

She was, fortunately, very patient.

Reaching her hand out to him, she slowly opened her palm.

“Come and let me have a look, alright”

He stared at her outstretched hand.

Her skin was fair like jade and her fingers were slim and smooth.

They were truly pretty.

He recalled that Mu Wanrous hands resembled a bag of bones and her fingers joints were gaunt; they looked like five sharp blades.

Yun Shishis hands, in comparison, were beautiful.

Yichen timidly nodded.

He inched closer to her and glanced up at her face searchingly, only to see gentleness, patience, and warmth reflected in her orbs for him.

His heart was moved by her smile.

He walked over to her, as if attracted by some sort of shared telepathy with her.

She cautiously hugged him into her embrace as he carefully hid his arm behind him in order not to worry her.

She noticed this little movement of his with her sharp eyes, however.

Although the two kids did not grow up together, they sometimes displayed similar habits.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

Before, Youyou had the habit of hiding certain things from her.

He seemed afraid of anything about him worrying or depressing her.

“Your hand is hurt, right Let me look at it.” She was unable to hide her worry from her face as her eyes brimmed with sorrow.

Yichen shook his head.

He was clearly the one hurt, yet he ended up comforting her, instead.

“Dont worry; it doesnt hurt!”


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