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“Hmph! Are you boasting that you are taller than me now!”

“Im not—”

“Are you using your height to make up for your lack of intelligence” Youyou sneered.

His brother was caught off guard by his words and hurriedly explained, “Im not laughing at your short height.

Dont misunderstand, please.

Besides, Im not stupid.”

“You arent stupid” The younger twin snorted.

“Tell me what the answer is to 1 2 3 4 5 6, then.

Give me the answer in five seconds.”

The older twin had no time protest and just quickly started counting with all the fingers in his fleshy hands.

He looked dead serious as the time started to tick on.

“Times up; whats the answer”

“Is it 20” His head spun from the effort of finding the total.

He hated math.

“Its 21! Stupid!”

“Dont call me stupid…”

The older sibling pouted in resentment as his self-confidence was completely dashed!  ( Boxno vel.

co m )

He was doing his best to protect his brother, yet the latters words to him were poisonous, and it seemed he did not reciprocate his affection!

Still, he liked this brother very much.

Unlike his haughty and aloof treatment to others, he became like a hapless fool when it came to this twin of his.

He never needed to pamper anyone, but his eyes would turn soft whenever he looked at Youyou.

He was anxious and restless to communicate himself properly with him!

“Its your fault I got separated from my mommy; I cant be bothered with you!”

Worried about his mother, who had been separated from him in the confusion, Youyou petulantly decided to ignore his older twin.

“Sorry; I didnt do that on purpose.

I didnt know that she is your mother…”

“Shes your mother, too; dont you know” Youyou narrowed his eyes coldly at him.

His thin lips unapologetically mouthed, “Mu Yichen, bear this in mind; she is your real mother.”

“She… is my real mother” Little Yichen was dumbstruck!

He already accepted that Yun Tianyou was his full brother as there was no hiding their kinship with each other.

How could two people look so much alike in this world if they were not related by blood Heck, they looked nearly identical!

Blood was thicker than water.

He even shared telepathy with this brother of his!

It had been like this from as long as he could remember.

He would often be visited with the same dream.

In all of it, a child with a face like his would walk ahead of him while he ran after him.

It was an endless path, and no matter how hard he tried, he never did manage to catch up with the boy in front of him.

Gradually, as he grew older, he would experience the occasional, inexplicable palpitations – even heartaches at times.

Sometimes, his breathing would quicken all of a sudden, and he would pass out without warning.

The medical specialists were helpless toward his condition.

They conducted a series of tests on him and declared him to be fit.

He had no overt or hidden illnesses.

There was no clue at all.

However, the symptoms were unabated and would often appear capriciously!

The older he grew, the more attuned his soul was with that of the child in his dream, and he would experience similar emotions, be it joy, sorrow, or even pain, to the latter!

Slowly, he had come to accept this as the fetters of kinship!

Hence, the first time he saw Yun Tianyou, he did not doubt the latters role in his life.

He knew indubitably that he was his brother!


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