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His vision was sharp even in the dark, so he recognized the bulge to be a revolver at once!

From its silhouette, he deduced it for a Desert Eagle – a powerful gun with high penetrating power.

A revolver How was this person able to walk around with it here

How was he able to get such a destructive weapon past the security at the entrance

Before Yichen could think further on this, he saw the man kick the toy panda aside and then he proceeded forward.

He gave a start when he thought of the mother-son pair just ahead.

Knowing that the two were about to encounter trouble, he cautiously caught up to the man pronto…

In the dispensary, Youyou had yet to realize the impending danger and was still excitedly examining the props in the apparatuses.

Beside him, Yun Shishi was panic-stricken as she thought that such an attraction was unsuitable for a child of Youyous age.

What worried her more was that he did not seem to be horrified by all these; on the contrary, he showed curiosity about the haunted houses layout and design.

Worried that this could have a bad influence on the childs mentality, she felt a little remorseful for entering the place.  ( Boxno vel.

co m )

“Youyou, lets go! Its a little eerie here.”

Youyou glanced up at his mother and, noting the discomfort written all over her face, readily agreed, “Okay.”

The two were just leaving the dispensary when they heard footsteps getting closer to them.

At first, they thought that it was an employee rushing over to give them a scare, but when the person was close enough, they noted his getup and found him to be suspicious.

He looked inconspicuous, yet he emitted a palpable killing intent.

This was especially the case with that pair of eyes concealed under the cap.

When he slightly tipped his head, they noticed his cruel eyes holding a murderous look!

Youyous heart sank in trepidation, and he went on high alert!

He remembered that he had not queued to enter this attraction earlier!

He was not a visitor!

He instinctively stood before his mother and looked intently at the man.

He observed the mans hand reaching for something black on his waist.

Making out what it was in this dim lighting was quite strenuous for him since he suffered from a slight nyctalopia.

Yun Shishi, meanwhile, discerned what it was; the black thing was a handgun!

She sucked in a breath of cold air.

A terrifying chill grew from within her!

Quickly pulling Youyou behind her body, she retreated a step while she shielded him from view of the man.

She moved cautiously, treating the man before them like a dreadful monster – someone who would devour them whole at the first chance he got!

“You… Who are you What do you want”

She asked as she went on guard.

She did not know the mans identity, so she dared not make a reckless move.

The man did not answer her question and simply lifted his wrist to point the gloomy object directly at them!

Her complexion paled in horror, and she fully shielded Youyou with her body right away!


A childs cracked yell echoed from behind!

The man turned around in reaction to the yell and saw a child running directly toward him!

Yichen was hugging the toy panda.

Putting his foot on the wall, he pushed against it to propel himself up and deliver a beautiful roundhouse kick to the mans face!

The man staggered a few steps backward from the attack.

Seeing a chance arise, Yichen jumped at him like a nimble baby leopard and tried to wrestle the Desert Eagle from his grasp!


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