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“But its dark inside.” Yun Shishi still had reservations.

Yun Tianyou smiled at her.

“What are you afraid of, mommy Im here, am I not”

“This is an attraction for adults; arent you scared”

Fairy Tale Valley also catered to youth, so some of the attractions were geared toward that age group.

The haunted house was the most popular among the teens.

As this attraction was aimed at this sort of visitors, the terror index was rather high.

Those below the age of five would need parental guidance to visit this attraction.

The boy was not scared, of course.

After all, some scenes inside this attraction were designed by him.

Whats there to be scared of They arent real.

“Im not scared.

Let me protect mommy!”

“All right!” Yun Shishi readily agreed and then turned to Jiang Li.

“Are you both coming with us”

“We cant.

Our Qianqian is scared of ghosts and the dark.

You two can get going while we wait outside the entrance,” the woman replied resignedly.


You both can try other rides in the meantime.”

“Its okay.

We are quite tired, anyway; Ill bring Qianqian to the rest area for now.”

With that, she carried her daughter away.

The young girl was obviously reluctant to leave and kept waving at Youyou.

The lolita only quieted down after some scare tactics from her mother.


The boy had his wish fulfilled at last.

The reason he had chosen to visit the haunted house was to shake off that little nuisance.

He was supposed to enjoy some quiet time with his mother, but that little kid, who had come from nowhere, refused to leave him alone.

This had greatly troubled him!

There was an extremely long queue at the entrance to the haunted house; even a few people were seen queueing at the VIP lane as they waited for their turn.

Visitors to the haunted house were entered by batch.

Only fifteen visitors could enter each time to freely explore the facility for ten minutes.

After which, a worker would lead them toward the exit.

While waiting, Yun Tianyous attention was caught by a giant panda in his peripheral.

A child was holding a giant panda bear plushy as he stood in the crowd.

The panda bear was huge at 1.5 meters tall.

The child holding it from behind was hardly taller than the plushy, and his profile was fully blocked by the soft toy.

From afar, it seemed that a walking panda bear was mischievously staring at him with its adorably shiny, black eyes on its cute, dummy face!

The boy let out a gasp.

Was this not the panda plushy his mother had tried winning for him earlier

He did not expect it to fall into the hands of another shortly after they had walked away.

His gaze was fixed on the panda bear for quite some time before he turned his head away.

Only then did Little Yichen, who was holding the giant plushy, let out a sigh of relief.

His heart was topsy-turvy in anxiety!

He had chased them all the way here sans any idea on how to pass this present to his twin!

Thereby, seeing them line for the haunted house, he followed them from behind.

His heart started pounding like crazy when he caught sight of his brother scrutinizing the plushy.

Yichens thoughts were galloping wildly.

Apparently, his twin was still fond of the plushy as the latter turned to look at it again.

Before long, Youyou walked to where he was standing.

Yichen wondered where he might be heading and peeked behind curiously.

Seeing nothing of interest, he turned around, only to find Youyou stopping just in front of him!

From his view, he could see that his brother was wearing a pair of English-style cricket shoes.

Caught unprepared, he stood with bated breath.


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