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“Im not shielding this little boy!”

Yichen did not wait for her to finish as he thought that it was pointless.

Having no interest in arguing over who had popped more balloons or accumulated more points with the point tokens, he said without a smile, “Enough with the nonsense.

Lets have a match.

If you win me, this belongs to you.

If you lose, Im taking this away.”

His words were clear-cut.

He challenged him directly as he intended to resolve this with a competition.

The young man met his cold eyes and, noting his palpably aloof aura, inexplicably felt a little intimidated.

Yichen perceived the mans hesitation.

He clearly blurted that out in the spur of the moment, but if the man were to compete with him in skills, it was evident that the man could not be confident in besting him.

In fact, the man did not feel guilty – he simply did not want to compete with a kid.

He would lose face regardless of his victory or loss.

Even if he triumphed, it would be an ugly win.

His girlfriend was unfortunately peeved at him.

She would only forgive him if he could get her the toy panda.

Right now, she was sulking on a bench.

To earn her forgiveness, he strove to win the game and finally cleared it with difficulty!

Whatever the thought running in his mind might be, Yichen had not a shred of respect for him.

“What Scared Im taking away this prize, then.”

“Hold on! Who said Im scared I just think itll be laughable if I take competing with a child seriously.

Anyway, have you even weaned off baby milk, kid”

The man persisted in taunting him.

“If youre afraid of losing, then dont take it seriously.

Wouldnt you be disgraced if you were to lose to me, then” Yichen sneered provocatively.

The crowd in their surroundings guffawed.

The young man sputtered in his anger and clenched his fists tightly as he bitterly spat, “Lets have a competition then! I happen to have time today.

Let me play with you!”

Yichen nodded.

“I like that youre being straightforward!”

A statement from him had the man turning livid with rage.

Yichen did not bother attending to him.

Making his way over to the staff, he flashed his VIP ticket and said, “Let me compete with that guy.

The winner will take this toy panda away.”

The staff was quite distressed.

This game station was not a platform for a competition, after all; two people competing together here was unheard of.

Furthermore, many customers were clamoring to play the games.

What if this caused dissatisfaction in others

Contrary to expectation, once these customers that were queuing for a turn in playing the game caught wind of the child challenging a man into a shooting showdown, they started forming a crowd around the two; they were indubitably wanting to see a good show.

People loved watching drama, after all!

Moreover, this was not just another competition; it was a competition between an adult and a six-year-old child – a very cute one at that!

People were clicking their tongues in amazement!

They were rather intrigued about whether the child was capable or not.

Was he simply babbling about or was he truly talented

Therefore, one after another, they showed curiosity.

They wanted to know who could, in the end, clinch victory!

The man, thus, found it a little difficult to back down.

With everyone looking on and cheering, even if he regretted his decision at this moment, there was no turning back anymore.

On second thought, how talented would a six-year-old be at shooting

He had undergone intensive military training in the camp!

No matter how skillful a six-year-old might be, he was still incomparable to his level of skill!

Besides, he was not the one who had proposed this match!

At the thought of this, he let go of his worries and stood in front of the shooting range.

He rubbed his hands together; he was itching to begin the competition!


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