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“Uncle Mu, come and play with Enxi! Play with Enxi!”

The little girl pestered him relentlessly.

Looking at her coy face, it was impossible for him to reject.

He turned to his son and asked, “Yichen, do you want to take this ride, too”

The boy retorted without thinking, “Whats so fun with a revolving carousel Im not going.”

“Then, you wait for daddy for a bit, yeah” With that, he walked away with the little girl in his arms.

Song Enya, with her hand on her dress hem, closely followed.

The little lad snorted as he leaned against the railings and watched the three go into the carousel.

He felt as if they were in two different worlds and his daddy did not belong to him!

Little girls liked all things romantic and magical.

The carousel in Fairy Tale Valley fulfilled Song Enxis fantasy perfectly, transporting her to a beautiful and magical land.

She clamored for more when the ride ended, unwilling to leave the carousel.

Her sister did not know what to do with her and looked at the man pleadingly.

The latter was not willing to ride it twice, though.

He was a big man, standing at 1.9 meters, and the carousel platform was too narrow for his long legs.

In the end, he had to sit sideways with the child on his lap.

There were many pairs of eyes fastened on him as he went round and round on the carousel; that disturbed him.

He disliked the feeling of being watched!

Therefore, he told Enya, “You can play with her; Ill bring Little Yichen to another ride!”

The woman knew that the man had indulged them, siblings, long enough and had probably reached his limits.

Thus, she stopped imploring and brought her sister alone on to the carousel, instead.

The little girl could only watch the man walk away, her lips pouting highly in displeasure.

He walked toward Little Yichen, who was still leaning against the railings, looking depressed.

He knew that he had neglected his son from his sullen face and felt rather unhappy!

“What do you want to ride; daddy will go with you.” The man hugged his son and tried to coax him gently.

The boy turned his unhappy face to the side with his eyes looking down.

“There isnt anything that I want to try!”

“Didnt you just say that you want to try the Tower of Babel Daddy will accompany you to this ride.” His father merely continued soothing him in a mild tone.

“I dont want!” The little lad kicked up a fuss this time and turned his back against his father to ignore him!

Mu Yazhe disregarded his sons rebellious attitude and carried him in his arms to the drop tower.

Little Yichen resisted initially, but it was a futile attempt.

To the man, a child throwing a tantrum was like a kitten fussing.

He could easily soothe it away with some cuddling and coaxing.

Once they were on the freefall ride and his father had his safety belt fastened, the boy was influenced by the exciting mood around him and the roaring of the engine as it started the climb.

He peeked around, full of anticipation and excitement.

Three, two, one—

With the nerve-racking timer counting down in the background, the engine was activated and hurled the whole bunch of people seated on it high at 30 meters!

The sudden elevation, with the change in air pressure and vision, caused the boy to scream involuntarily as his legs dangled in the air!

On the contrary, his father, who was sitting beside him, appeared composed and calm.

Compared to the paragliding he had to perform during his special training, this was merely childs play.


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