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Daddy wont ever like such a liar!

He was thinking to himself when he heard his father say, “Eh.

I like Enxi the most, too!”

Little Yichen was practically fuming!

‘Like Enxi the most


Then, what about him

If daddy really likes this rascal, then what about me

Isnt daddy supposed to love me the most

The little lad was full of grievances and bitterly asked, “Daddy loves Enxi the most, then what about me What about me”

“Ha ha, Brother Mu, look; Little Yichen is jealous.” Bending over, Song Enya tried to cheer him up with a smile.

“Little Yichen, be good; aunty 1 likes you the most, too!”

From the way the child pouted, it was obvious that her action was not well-received.

The boy retreated behind his father and said, “I dont like aunty, though.”

The man had no choice but to chip in.

“Yichen, be good.

As an elder brother, you must give way to your younger sister.”

Song Enxi was younger than Little Yichen by a year, so she had to address him as elder brother.

He tried to be reasonable, but at the sight of the haughty fellow sitting ostentatiously on his daddys arms, he just could not bring himself to be gracious.

However, his father was the one who had spoken this time, so he had to give in for his fathers sake at least, right

Thus, very unwillingly, he nodded slightly to signal truce with his daddy.

Song Enya smilingly asked, “Brother Mu, you seem to have free time today to bring Yichen to the amusement park; why is that”

“Today is his birthday.” The man gave a simple reply.

He usually did not have patience for women, so this reply was considered as a rare thoughtfulness.

He only made an exception for Song Enya, his most beloved niece.

“Oh, then I wish Little Yichen ahappy birthday! I was in a rush, so I didnt manage to prepare a gift for our birthday boy.


She was smiling as she said this, but the boy could tell how phony her birthday greeting was and almost vomited from revulsion.

She continued, “What a coincidence that we meet today.

Why dont we enjoy the rides together This will be more fun.”

“Enxi wants to play with Uncle Mu! Uncle Mu, Uncle Mu, Uncle Mu…”

The little girl, excitedly flailing her arms, could not stop clamoring as he was carrying her.

Clearly, she was unduly clingy to the man.

Mu Yazhe nodded slightly and pinched the little girls nose playfully as his way of agreement!

Actually, he preferred daughters over sons.

Just like the typical man, he wished for a little princess whom he could dote on.

He especially wanted a daughter to act petulant with him like a coy Lolita.

Thus, he considered Song Enxi as half his daughter!

The little girl let out a joyous exclamation; her adorable eyes beamed like two crescent moons as she played along in his embrace.

Song Enya, who enjoyed their playful scene, totally forgot about Little Yichen standing nearby.

Pretending to reprimand her sister, she said, “Enxi, stop being naughty! Quickly come down.

Uncle Mu has carried you long enough!” Still, she showed no sign of wanting to take the child back from his arms.

To Little Yichen, this heartwarming scene, which was filled with fun and laughter, appeared to just be a family of three.

Alas, he was an outsider to this scenario!


With a grim face, he was about to open his mouth when Song Enya, eyes opening wide, let out a squeal at the sight of the two VIP tickets in Mu Yazhes hand.


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