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Looking at Little Yichens disappointed face, he decided not to explain himself.

He was sure that after they were in, the little boy would be so crazed with joy he would probably forget about the sweets then!

If he still craved for them, he could just take him to a dessert stall! He did not tell him this, however, for this could be considered as a surprise too!

Thus, he placed his wallet, a DV, and a portable handphone charger into his bag, and they were both ready!

Just like that, the two set off for the amusement park!

When they arrived, it was already 11 AM, but the crowd queuing at the entrance did not subside.

Rather, as it was Childrens Day, there were two long queues.

Fairy Tale Valley was the most famous amusement park in the capital; it was established by Lezhi Holdings in partnership with N.E.


It had only been operating for two years, yet it had already garnered much popularity.

Upon the completion of the third phase of its development, the amusement park once again attracted new patrons – parents with their children – from far and wide, with some even coming from overseas.

Mu Yazhe carried Yichen with one arm and his small bag in the other, and they entered the amusement park via the VIP route under everyones envious gazes.

“Oh, god… Look at that man; hes so handsome! Is he a celebrity”

“No way! I dont remember seeing such a heartthrob in the entertainment industry.

Hes carrying a child, which looks exactly like him, so that means hes already a father, right! Oh, gosh.

Such a young father!”

“How is that even possible That handsome man seems to be only in his early 20s.

How can he already be a father That child must be his younger brother!”

“If hes truly already a father, then Im envious of his wife! The daddy is good-looking, and the son is cute – shes a winner in life!”

“Why did he not join the queue Does he have a special privilege”

“You dont know this, do you He definitely bought VIP tickets.”

Those who purchased VIP tickets needed not join the queue.

That type of ticket was regrettably very expensive, however; the average people could hardly afford it.

While a regular ticket could be bought for 300 yuan and a childrens ticket was sold for half the price, a VIP ticket, regardless of the holder being an adult or a child, was sold for 3000 yuan.

It was expensive, but the benefits of having a VIP ticket more than made up for it.

Not only could one avoid queuing to enter the park, every amenity inside was free of charge as well.

Simply put, with a 3000-yuan ticket, everything in the amusement park, food, drinks, and entertainment, was for free.

A special lane was also set up for the VIP-ticket holders, so they did not need to join the mass to access the attractions!

To ordinary people, it was perhaps not worth the money.

They brought their children to simply sit on a few attractions, and it was impossible for them to get on so many rides.

However, to Mu Yazhe, it was extremely worth the price.

The most important thing was that he did not need to queue.

Upon entering the amusement park, Little Yichen was already brimming with excitement.

At the entrance to Fairy Tale Valley, the two were greeted by three cute mascots, a fountain, a castle, and a float parade.

The entire place was crafted to be phantasmagorical.

Once one entered, it would be like taking a step into a magical world.

Yichen urged, “Daddy, daddy, I want to get down!”

“Okay.” The moment Mu Yazhe let him down, the little boy eagerly ran toward the parade of floats.

“Wow, daddy, look! Its Snow White!”

Little Yichen exclaimed as he pointed to a princess, looking pure and pretty, atop one of the floats.

Seeing his son overjoyed, the corner of his lips upturned in response.

He truly did not like visiting an amusement park.

After all, he was already an adult and had seen many things in life.

No matter how dreamy the amusement park looked, he was not interested in it at all.


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