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Be it Youyous birthday present or her entire days schedule, Yun Shishi made preparations with utmost care.

She only wanted pleasant memories to stay with the child.

As such, feeling mostly regret and pity, Yichen did not sleep well that night.

He hid himself beneath his blanket with a sour heart!

He wanted his daddy to visit the amusement park with him!

This was the actual surprise he was yearning for…

In the morning of the next day, Yun Shishi got up a tad earlier.

Today, she had a test shoot for her role in the movie.

She had to make sure her skin was at its optimal condition and constantly worked on moisturizing and maintaining it.

Her skin was closer to being dewy, which made it easier to apply makeup on it.

Regardless of her look, the makeup appeared lucid and natural on her.

Therefore, whenever she went out on a normal day, although she had no makeup, others would mistakenly think that she had put on a thick layer.

Despite this, she still went ahead and prepared her skin thoroughly.

The nanny car Qin Zhou had arranged for her was already waiting at her doorstep.

She boarded the vehicle.

Her test shoot was set to be done in a photo studio at the filming location.

The early stages of the movies test shoots and promotional shoots would be completed there.

She timely arrived at the filming location; the production staff was just entering the venue in droves.

Although Qin Zhou was not personally present today, the assistant whom he had assigned to her was already there in advance.

The assistant was called Xiao Mu.

She was previously his primary helper.

As she was reliable with her work, she was assigned to be Yun Shishis assistant.

“Shishi, its nice to meet you.

From now on, Im going to be your assistant.

My surname is Mu and my first name is Xi.

Just call me Xiao Mu.” She stepped toward her passionately and did her self-introduction at the same time.

Yun Shishi grinned and examined her.

Xiao Mu was very young, at 25 or 26, and had a sweet appearance.

Judging from her fashion style and how she carried herself, she should be a woman who did her work orderly.

She entered the industry at a young age of 25 or 26.

Since Qin Zhou intended to groom her as his successor, she might become a manager in future.

Yun Shishi beamed.

“Nice to meet you, Xiao Mu!”

“Please take care of me in future!” Mu Xi fluttered her eyes playfully and gave her a sweet smile while she held her hand.

“Mm, thanks.

Ill be very much under your care.”

“This sounds too strange!” Mu Xi sulked in a bizarre manner before saying, “Ive previously heard of your name! Yun Shishi, not only do you have a pleasant name, you even look more beautiful in person than in photos!” Xiao Mu sincerely praised, her eyes overflowing with awe and affection.

“Im flattered; Im flattered.” She humbled herself, feeling abashed at her praises and marvels.

After an exchange of pleasantries, Mu Xi suddenly raised her wrist to look at the time and said in a hurry, “Its getting late.

Let me take you to the makeup room! The schedule is tight, so we should prepare ourselves early.”

Mu Xi led her to the makeup room.

As she guided her to their destination, she would occasionally turn to give some remarks.

“According to the sequence of the leads, you are second in line to do the test shoot, but since Gu Xingze is not here yet, youll be the first to shoot; thats why we should hurry with your makeup.”

When she said that, her steps suddenly faltered “Huh Wheres the makeup room”

Yun Shishi asked back, “Dont you know where it is”

“There are a few of them.

Im not sure which one is yours,” Mu Xi replied.

She proceeded to have her wait on the spot as she asked around.

“Ill go ask a production assistant; wait here for a moment!”


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