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He took one look at her and was greatly pleased with what he saw.

Returning his face to the magazine he was reading, he ordered, “Go and change into another set.”

She went in and out a few times to change attire until it hit him.

D*mn… This woman looked good in anything! Realizing this, he furrowed his brows.

In the end, he stood up and walked to the counter.

“Ill take this, this, this, and that.

And what else… erm… that design as well… Pack all these up!”

“Yes, sir.”

Yun Shishi: “…”

Why does this man shop for clothes as if hes at a wholesale market

By the time she reached the toys department on the fifth floor, a few shopping bags were weighing heavily on her arms.

Inside the toys store, she purposely selected a well-known toy brand and gift-wrapped it beautifully thereafter.

When she came out, she passed this over to him.

“This is a gift for the child!”

It was her specially selected gift for Little Yichen.

He took the present along with a greeting card she had personally written.

Her handwriting was pretty and neat.

At the end of the handwritten trail was a heartwarming smiley emoticon.

I suppose this is what it means by a birthday surprise!

After shopping, it was naturally time to eat!

She picked a restaurant but it turned out to be packed with many patrons.

One of the service crew apologetically told her that the only seats available were in the main dining hall.

The man made a call, and soon after, the restaurant manager rushed over.

This person in charge personally led a team to give them a warm greeting when he learned that the chairman of Disheng Financial Group was in the restaurant.

The manager was stunned at the sight of the sweet and young girl beside the director.

With a smile, he looked at her and asked politely, “How may I address you, Miss”

She returned a slight smile to the manager just as Mu Yazhes arm pulled her closer to him, making a silent declaration of her status.

Since she was Director Mus woman, the manager needed to serve her well, right

No one could afford to incur a womans wrath, especially the woman of this important person!

Mu Yazhe could guess what was on the managers mind with one look, but he was too lazy to say anything more and only commanded coolly, “Prepare a table for me.”

The manager hastily nodded.

“Yes, Ill have a table prepared for you this instant!”

He then specifically set aside an elegantly decorated private dining room; the dim lights and glass windows with bead curtains caused it to exude a classical charm.

The manager dared not tarry for someone this important!

Besides, it was a great honor for Director Mu to visit this restaurant!

Actually, another customer had already paid and reserved the private dining room on this very day and at an earlier time.

Giving this room to Mu Yazhe would mean clashing with that other patron, but what else could he do The manager put emphasis to this VIPs dislike for noise and his need to be served in a private room.

No patron was more important than this man, so the manager could only cancel the reservation even if it meant offending the other person.

Yun Shishi was so famished she was already light-headed.

Her growling tummy made her grumpy, and she became even more grouchy when the man walked far before her without considering the load she was carrying.

However, her grouchiness instantly dispersed when she laid eyes on cuisines on the table as she took a seat.

Just the two of them were occupying this big round table filled with food, which tantalized all senses!


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