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Chapter 372: Are you trying to court me

Or should I say… she’s jealous

When she was stared back by the man, Yun Shishi felt uncomfortable.

So, she brought out the past event: “Don’t tell me, your stomach is aching again”

“Are you jealous”


“It’s very clear that your jealous! I’m telling you, you don’t have to think too much!”

Mu Yazhe grabbed Yun Shishi’s waist and flipped her body.

He pressed her under his body and pinched her chin, then gently covered her lips with his lips.

A gentle kiss sealed her lips, it was simple, yet charming.

Then, the man looked at her and smiled lightly.

“You just need to know that my body only wants you.

It doesn’t react like this to other women.”

When he finished, he grabbed her hand and lead it all the way down, until her fingertips touch a mysterious territory.

Across the man’s clothes, Yun Shishi vaguely felt something was standing proud, so her face redden as if her face was covered with blood!

“What about you Do you want me” The man shamelessly whispered to her ear, a warm breath gust to her earlobe, which made her ears and neck redden

The woman’s body seems to be extremely sensitive.

When she touches his thing, her face immediately showed a shy look, and her body became hot.

“You…” Yun Shishi angrily shouted: “Enough of this!”

Mu Yazhe didn’t give the woman an opportunity to refute.

He blocked her mouth with only one sentence: “I only want you, I don’t feel anything like this to other women.”

Yun Shishi’s face reddens even more because of the man’s words.

Mu Yazhe gently played with her lips, his fingertips stroked her mouth-watering lips, then suddenly, he said: “As for the title, I also promise you! It’s just, not now!”

“Mu Yazhe! You, are you trying to court me” Yun Shishi suddenly said.

The man’s face became stiff on the spot: “… …”

“You, you’re now suffering from stomach pain, but you still don’t know how to control your mouth, then it’s might at least better if you continue suffering!” Yun Shishi seriously educates him.

Who knows, if it was a prophecy or a curse.

But as soon her words fell, his stomach cramped again.

“… …” This woman is a curse!

Speaking of the devil, his stomach ache, because it doesn’t want him to be so obsessed!

But the man felt wrong, in order to eat the woman in front of him, he didn’t act tough like he always does.

He tried showing his emotions.

However, he hasn’t eaten the woman, but his stomach pain came once again!

Damn it…

“If your stomach hurts, just take a rest!” Yun Shishi throws the man on the sofa and left.

When she opened the door, she threw him a sentence: “Just behave and wait for me! I will cook for you… …”

Mu Yazhe only stared at the woman’s departing figure.

Seeing the sweet flesh flying away, Mu Yazhe was now convinced he had no chance to eat her anymore!


Yun Shishi closed the door and pressed her chest with both hands.

Her heart was jumping out.

As for the title, I also promise you! Those words of the man constantly echoing in her ears.

But, Yun Shishi didn’t dare to think about it.

She took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to cook for the man.

After a short while, an egg noodle soup was completed.

The ingredients in the kitchen were very rich.

But Yun Shishi considered the man’s stomach pain, he must have no appetite to eat.

So in the end, she only cooked a bowl of egg noodle soup.


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