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4399 The Other Side 368

The young man broke into a sinister smile.

With a casual attitude, he said, “Ive been looking for you for a long time.”

Youyou spun around upon hearing his voice.

When he saw that it was the young man, he subconsciously extended his arm and shielded Gong Fan behind him, warning, “Dont come any closer!”

Gong Fan gripped the gun tightly and hurriedly loaded it.

He raised the gun and aimed it at the young man! The latter was stunned.

He was indeed intimidated.

He stood on the spot and did not move forward, but he seemed indifferent.

“I was wondering why you stopped running when you saw me.

So you have a gun.

However, do you even know how to use it” He narrowed his eyes and his tone was extremely disdainful.

“Do you dare to kill someone with it”

Youyou could not help shuddering!

Gong Fan gulped and immediately calmed down.

“True, weve never killed anyone, but if you dare to take a step forward, we cant care less!”

Youyou questioned the young man, “Who are you, exactly! Whats your name!”

“Name” The young man tilted his head and sneered.

“Who do you think we are Were just orphans.

Names We dont have names.

Only you have names.”

Youyou was not impressed.

“What do you mean What do you mean, an orphan”

“We are The Banished.

No one cares.


Isnt that so”

Gong Fans hand that was holding the gun suddenly trembled.

Youyou took a deep breath and felt his scalp tingle.

Now, they should not hesitate to shoot the young man.

However, confronted by a living person, Gong Fan really did not have the courage to pull the trigger! He felt that this was too cruel! He had never killed anyone before! Forcing him and the other personalities to destroy each other was really too cruel.

boxn ovel.


Just as he was hesitating, the young man reacted quickly and pounced on Gong Fan like a cheetah.

His goal was extremely clear.

In fact, Youyou was nearest to him, but he did not lunge at him because Gong Fan had a gun.

He naturally had to deal with the number one threat first before dealing with the rest!

Youyou yelped and tried to stop him, but it was too late.

The young man pushed Gong Fan to the ground and snatched the gun from him.

He had extraordinary strength and it was not something that an ordinary person could withstand! Gong Fan was completely helpless in front of him.

The shotgun fell to the side.

Seeing this, Youyou lunged forward recklessly and rolled back with the gun in his arms.

He could no longer care about the remaining kindness in his heart and shot the young man in the back!


For Youyou, the recoil of the shotgun overwhelmed him.

The barrel tilted, and the bullet immediately hit the wall, creating a dent.

A layer of dust flew.

Oh no!


Youyou was so frustrated that he wanted to fire again, but he did not know how to load the gun.

He was so anxious that he broke out in a cold sweat.

The young man was alarmed.

He turned around abruptly and his blood-red eyes instantly fell on the boy.

Without a doubt.

This shot had thoroughly enraged him! To him, the boys shot was obviously a great provocation! Youyou was provoking him!

The young man was about to get up when Gong Fan grabbed his sleeve tightly!

“You are not to hurt him!”

When the young man heard this, he laughed.

“I didnt expect you two to be on such close terms! Get lost!”

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