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4398 The Other Side 367

“Are we far from your room”

“Ive lost my bearings somewhat.

I have to go to the hallway to remember the layout.”

Youyou took a deep breath.


After confirming that there were no more footsteps outside the door, he mustered his courage and opened the door.

There was indeed no one outside.

It was probably because they couldnt locate the boys here, so they had gone upstairs to search.

Youyou was a little afraid of this young man.

It was not because he was timid, but because the young mans murderous aura was too terrifying!

“I know where we are.” Gong Fan recalled, “We need to follow this corridor and turn left to get to my room.

The first room at the far end is mine.”

Youyou looked around.

The empty corridor inevitably gave him a creepy feeling.

“This place always gives me a bad feeling.” The boy said to Gong Fan, “Lets head to your room.”

“What if the footsteps attract attention”

Youyou raised an eyebrow.

“We can crawl over.”

Gong Fan was speechless for a moment.

“Can you be more serious”

boxn ovel.


“Im being serious.” The boy smiled and gripped his shoulder.

“Actually, Im not so afraid as long as youre here.

I have you anyway.

Im not alone.”

Gong Fan couldnt help feeling touched, but he didnt show it.

Instead, he turned his face away awkwardly, but his eyes narrowed as he grinned subtly.

The two little fellows tiptoed towards Gong Fans room.

They were constantly paying attention to the sounds around them.

While being vigilant, they tried their best to lighten their footsteps.

Soon, they arrived at Gong Fans room.

As soon as he entered the room, his eyes lit up as his gaze fell on the shotgun hanging on the wall!

“There really is a shotgun.” Gong Fan was relieved, but he was also a little worried.

“I wonder if this gun can be used.

I always thought it was just for show.”

“Lets give it a try! At least, it looks intimidating to be holding it, right”

Youyou was the first to step forward.

Stepping on a stool, he removed the shotgun from the wall.

He fiddled with it but did not understand what was going on.

He wasnt good with firearms, especially guns.

He didnt even know how to load or change bullets.

Gong Fan said, “This is a **gun.

It doesnt have a long range, but when fired at close range, its very powerful.

The bullets of this gun are scattered widely, and it fires several pellets at once.

As long as one or two hit the target, its enough to cause suffering.”

“I heard that being shot at close range by a **gun causes explosive damage.”

“Uh huh.” Gong Fan said, “I heard from Gong Jie that if one gets shot by a **gun in the head at close range, it would be quite a spectacular sight.”

“Oh, its so heavy.”

Gong Fan immediately walked over and took the gun from the boy.

He gave it a closer look.

There were bullets in the gun, but not many.

He checked and found that the bullet was a relatively common 12GA bullet.

The gun was indeed quite heavy.

Gong Fan even found it quite taxing to carry.

Just as the two little fellows were engrossed in studying the **gun, Gong Fan was the first to sense a murderous aura behind them!

He immediately turned around and saw a figure at the door.

The young man stood at the door.

When he saw the two of them, his eyes lit up!

“So there you are!!”

The young man broke into a sinister smile.

With a casual attitude, he said, “Ive been looking for you for long enough.”

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