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For a moment, she could not hide her guilt towards Gong Fan and her eyes turned red.

Noticing her reddened eyes, Gong Fans hardened heart began to soften.

He couldnt bear to make things difficult for her, nor could he bear to threaten her to change her decision.

He had been let go of, and he accepted that.

In the past, he had sworn that no matter what her decision was, he would always trust her and protect her.

Therefore, Gong Fan couldnt bear to put the blame on her, especially after seeing her tears.

But since it was her decision, he accepted it silently.

Gong Fan knew and could tell that it must have been painful for her to make this choice.

She was hesitant, even now.

He didnt want to ask her to reconsider her decision.

After all, if this were to go on, hed be tired, too, and so would the others.

Since it was such torture, it was better to let go and give up.

This way, everyone would feel better and more relaxed.

Gong Fan knew that if such a time should come, Yun Shishi would be overwhelmed by guilt for sure.

He smirked icily.

It was as though a layer of frost had suddenly settled over his eyes!

“Little Yichen is right.” Gong Fan looked at Yun Shishi, emotionless.

“Im indeed cold and heartless, but how can you say that I betrayed Youyou In this world, the strong prey on the weak.

Similarly, although we have different personalities, we both have the right to occupy this body.”

Yun Shishi did not expect him to say such a cold and cruel thing!

“Strong preying on the weak”

“Ha, between him and me, whoever has the ability, has the right to occupy this shell.

the one who doesnt have the ability deserves to disappear.

Am I wrong!” As Gong Fan spoke, his expression became even colder.

“Its best if I disappear immediately.

Otherwise, sooner or later, Ill make Youyou disappear! Only then will this body truly belong to me!” Then he turned and started back to his room.

Yun Shishi was incredulous and stood and stared at him in disbelief.

“Who instructed you to say those things”

“Instruct” Gong Fan answered indifferently without even turning around, “No one instructed me.

These are my heartfelt words.

Thats all.”

With that, he stalked off, leaving the Little Yichen and Yun Shishi staring at each other.

It was not until Gong Fan returned to the room, shutting the door with a loud bang and isolating the two of them outside, that Yun Shishi snapped to her senses.

She found it hard to believe that these words were Gong Fans heartfelt words!

He didnt mean that!

“Whats going on … why has he become like this!” Yun Shishi shook her head.

“Hes not Gong Fan! Gong Fan would never do this to me…”

“Mommy, calm down…” Little Yichen thought there was something suspicious about it, too.

How could Gong Fan suddenly turn so cold overnight and even say such outrageous things

“Whats going on” Yun Shishi couldnt help but wonder, “Could this be yet another personality! How else could Gong Fan say something so heartless”

“Gong Fan has always been like this.

Have you forgotten what he was like when he first returned Apart from Yueyao, he seemed to look at the rest of us with hatred in his eyes, didnt he”

Clearly distracted, Yun Shishi frowned but said nothing.

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