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The actor nodded.

For some reason, he felt greatly reassured since Gong Jie had promised to make arrangements to return to see Natalia as soon as possible.

Gong Jies name alone seemed to give him an absolute sense of security and reassurance.

The actor put his phone away and walked over to Natalia.

As she looked at him expectantly, he narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Daddy will get his work sorted out and be home as soon as possible, okay Does that make you glad”

“Uh huh!” Natalia was so happy she couldnt keep still.

“Uncle Hua Jin…”


“I really feel so lucky to have met Daddy and you.” Natalia was overcome with emotion for some reason.

She suddenly jumped off the swing, ran to Hua Jin and gave him a big hug.

“I love you!”

Perhaps because shed grown up in the West, Natalia knew how to express love.

The actor, however, was stunned.

He hadnt expected such a show of warmth from Natalia.

It seemed like this was the first time she had taken the initiative.

He was overjoyed.

He crouched down, too, and held her close very gently.

“I love you too.”

“Em…” Natalia blinked as another thought struck her.

Lowering her voice, she asked coyly, “So, if I did something wrong, will you and Daddy abandon me”

“Why would we” The actor was unimpressed.

“Who doesnt make mistakes No one is a saint who never makes mistakes.

Why would we abandon you just because you made a mistake”

Natalia couldnt help but tear up at that.

The actor suddenly realized why she had asked.

She grew up in an environment with too many uncertainties, one could even say that she lived the life of a vagabond.

Strictly speaking, Natalia might not yet have a real family.

Initially, she had dismissed Gong Jies suggestion of adopting her.

She didnt believe that this “family” would last.

She did not have much faith in the concepts of home and happiness.

As a result, she would feel uneasy, cautious, shed even deliberately distant herself, for fear that once she had developed feelings, she would only be disappointed once more if they had to separate.

“We have an agreement then…” Natalia carefully held out her pinkie, her eyes sparkling.

She leaned towards him and pouted.

“Pinky swear.

From now on, were family.

No matter what, lets never be separated, okay”

After all the time theyd spent together, the fact that they got along harmoniously made Natalia realize how warm it was to have a home.

It was this constant warmth that made Natalia feel even more reliant on Hua Jin.

The more warmth she experienced, the more precious this feeling became to her, and the more she cherished it.

Especially today.

After the call with Gong Jie, who after learning of her needs, had immediately gotten round to organizing his work and flying home to be with her.

It made her feel even more cherished! And that was why she wanted to cherish it.

She wanted to open her heart and let Hua Jin and Gong Jie live in it.

The actor also held out with his little finger and hooked it gently around hers.

He tugged at it and smiled, revealing his white teeth.

“I promise you.”

Natalia smiled back at him.

She was grateful to Hua Jin and Gong Jie for giving her a family, even though it seemed different from the other childrens families.

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