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Little Yichen backed away in horror.

He clenched his fists and looked down at the other boys blood-soaked wrists!

“Your … your hands…” Little Yichen furrowed his brow deeply, anger surging through him.

Frustrated, he dashed towards the other boy and grabbed him by the collar.

“This is not your body,” he said through gritted teeth.

“You have no right or right to touch him!”

“Oh Your heart aches for him” Youyou raised an eyebrow, his gaze coldly sizing him up like an icy knife.

“And who are you to interfere in my affairs with him Who says this body doesnt belong to me You see, I can manipulate him quite freely.” As he spoke, he grabbed Little Yichens wrist! “Ill do what I want, and no one can interfere! Since Im not meant to have it, Id rather destroy it.

Dont go thinking you can get rid of me!”

With both hands, Youyou violently shoved Little Yichen forward.

Little Yichen had no idea how the other boy got so strong.

He was slammed into the wall forcefully and fell awkwardly to the floor.

Just as he was about to pick himself up, he saw a hand behind the cupboard door which had been left ajar.

His eyes widened in shock.

He reached out and touched it lightly.

The hand… The diamond ring on the ring finger made him recognize it as belonging to Yun Shishi.

Her hand hung weakly out of the cupboard.

There was no life in it.

Little Yichen looked at Youyou in disbelief, then at Yun Shishis hand.

Swallowing hard, he opened the cupboard door and was shocked to see her twisted cold body in the cupboard…

“Ahhhhh!” Little Yichen yelped and sat bolt upright in bed.

The jerk brought him out of his nightmare into reality.

The boy opened his eyes, gradually making sense of the world in front of him.

The familiar bedroom, the familiar furnishings, the familiar windowsill.

The sunlight streaming in through the window finally warmed his body that was drenched in cold sweat.

Except he could no longer tell if it was a dream or a dream within a dream.

Although it was a dream, he still had a deep impression of the earlier scene.

It was imprinted in his mind, especially the scene in the kitchen, which ruthlessly haunted him!

How could he have such a dream!

Youyou… He quickly turned around and saw that the bed was empty.

He couldnt help but wonder if this was a dream or reality.

Painfully, the boy put his hand to his forehead.

In a daze, he threw back the covers and got out of bed, shuffling in his slippers.

He opened the door and stood in the doorway of the room, feeling a little out of sorts.

He finally understood how tormenting a nightmare could be.

Just recalling the scene in the dream made him afraid to imagine what would happen if he hadnt woken up…

The boy leaned against the wall in agony.

He finally understood why Youyou had refused to go to sleep last night even though he was exhausted.

A nightmare could drain everything out of a person.

Even though he had slept all night, he still felt extremely tired.

It was probably because his brain was not in a resting state during the dream!

But why would he have such a dream There was no reason at all.

He usually slept well and would never have such dreams.

Could it be… Was it because of telepathy!


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