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In fact, she was willing to accept the sacrifice because according to the legend, if she completed the sacrifice, she could truly become one with Yae.

Hence she hoped for Yae to slay her.

Except that right up to the day of the sacrifice, Yae had not returned.

On the day of the sacrifice, in the absence of a twin witch, Atsushi, who was in despair, was strangled with a rope and thrown into the Void.

However, there was no room for mistakes during the ritual.

It was not Yae that killed Atsushi, hence it could not suppress the Voids resentment and prevent it from erupting.

The wrong ritual had caused the void to open up and create a great calamity.

Hence, Atsushi descended with resentment and killed all the surviving villagers one by one.

As she watched the villagers die, she laughed wildly.

Yae, meanwhile, had lost her way while journeying to the village.

When she finally got back onto the path, she realized from afar that the village had disappeared.

During the destruction of the Minakami Village, because the seal of the Void had been completely removed, vengeful spirits overflowed from the Void.

Once people breathed in the air, they would see the Hellish Abyss and die of the insanity that it would cause.

A dark night descended upon the cocooned village that no one who entered could escape.

From the outside, the village looked like a forest shrouded in fog.

However, once a person was lured in, they would never return.

Hence it became known to the world as “the village that disappeared from the map”.

One day years later, the Tenpei sisters, who had not returned for many years, came to the forest where they had not visited for a long time.

Due to her strong spiritual perception and a similar fate as Atsushi, Bao sensed Atsushis beckoning and was lured into the village that had disappeared from the map.

The worried sister, Sasaki Tenpei, then gave chase.

The elder sister was the reincarnation of the younger twin Atsushi.

She was drawn back to the village.

The game would end when Sasaki Tenpei would eventually replace Yae of her previous life, to finally complete the sacrifice and kill her sister.

By the end of the game, Little Yichen was completely immersed in the games background, taking his place in the protagonists emotional world.

In the ending scene, Sasaki Tenpei was confused and had no choice but to strangle Bao Tenpei.

In the end, she ran after her sister, who had turned into a dancing red butterfly, crying in despair.

The boy couldnt imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes!

Youyou listened to the story for a long time.

“Thats superstition.” He said, “Every country has people who are superstitious and feudal.”

Little Yichen replied, “Fortunately, we dont live in that world.

Actually, sacrifices like this do exist in Japanese folklore.

But I think, more than shocking, its cruel.”

Youyou suddenly asked, “If it were you, would you be willing to complete the sacrifice”

“No,” the boy said angrily.

“Ill kill whoever forces me to complete the sacrifice.”

For once, he looked murderous.

Just imagining the possibility made the boy furious.

“Well then…” Youyou half-ventured.

“If given two choices in that context, either I have to kill you, or you have to kill me, which do you choose”

Little Yichen was startled.

He had not expected that question.

Youyou cocked his head to one side, expecting Little Yichen to reply that he would rather be sacrificed than kill him.

Instead, the boy answered, “Id rather live and slay you.”

“Why” Youyou was surprised.

“No matter what, in that situation, the one living will suffer the most.”

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