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When the power suppressing the Void weakened, another crimson sacrifice had to be offered.

Otherwise, if the Voids resentment erupted, it would cause the village to be destroyed.

It also happened that a pair of twins would be born in the village during each cycle.

It was generally acknowledged in this village thata the twins were originally one person.

However, they were produced separately so that they could become the Crimson Sacrifice in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual.

Therefore, the villagers believed that during the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, when one of the twins killed the other, the twins would become one and release a powerful force that could suppress the Void and protect the village.

It was the same game Little Yichen had played a long time ago.

And for some reason, when he saw that the story was set up around a pair of twins, he was naturally inclined to buy it.

The beginning of the game featured a pair of twin sisters.

One day, when they were little, while the older sister, Bao Tenpei, was playing with her younger sister, Sasaki Tenpei, she fell and broke her leg.

Later on, during a random outing, Sasaki Tenpei realized that her sister had gone chasing after a red butterfly.

Concerned, she ran after her big sister and accidentally crossed the barrier into a village that had disappeared on the map.

As she searched for her sister, she also learned the secrets of this village.

As it turned out, the village had disappeared a long time ago.

After the Kiryuu family completed their last successful sacrifice, when time came for Minakami Village to host the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual again, the responsibility fell on the Tachibana twins, Mutsuki, and his brother, Rai.

The two of them were kind-hearted and had a deep relationship.

However, when the ritual was held, because Rai could not bring himself to attack Mutsuki, the latter was killed by the priest and thrown into the Void.

Although Mutsuki had indeed been killed during the ritual, Rais longing for him was too strong, causing the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual to fail.

The Void was not suppressed.

In fact, this kind of regular Crimson Sacrifice was called Yang Sacrifice.

When the Yang Sacrifice failed, a Yin Sacrifice had to be held, to temporarily prevent the eruption of the Voids resentment so as to earn time for the next Yang Sacrifice.

The content of the Yin Sacrifice was to turn the person who was the sacrifice into a pillar-like Wedge before throwing him into the Void.

If both the Yang Sacrifice and the Yin Sacrifice were to fail, a great compensation would occur, which was the moment of destruction.

After holding the Yin Sacrifice, they had to prepare for the next sacrifice.

The next round of sacrifice was given to Kuroda, the village chief.

Kuroda had a pair of twins.

After his two daughters were born, he was sure that they had come to this world with the mission of sacrifice.

The elder girl was named Yae, and the younger sister, Atsushi, was born first.

The Tenpei sisters were the reincarnation of this pair of twins.

Rai did not want the tragedy that had happened to him to repeat itself on the Kuroda sisters, so he wanted to get someone to take the two sisters away from the village because Rai had promised Mutsuki that he would not let the same thing happen again.

After asking the folklorist So Masaru to take the two sisters away, Rai thought that he had delivered his promise to Mutsuki.

Having never been able to get over Mutsukis death, Rai then hanged himself in the confinement room.

However, he did not know that the only person who had really escaped from the village was Yae.

The younger sister had slipped down the hill and broken her leg.

The villagers had found her and taken her back.

After Atsushi was found, she saw Rais dead body and decided that it was her mistake that caused it.

She fell into despair and no longer tried to escape.

Instead she looked forward to Yae returning to look for her and completing the sacrifice.

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