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“Its… Gong Fan” Alice winced fiercely at the boys remark.

Gong Fan How was that possible!

In the dreamscape, Youyou was already running towards Gong Fan, as though without a care in the world.

He was standing at the top of the mountain, so he could look far into the distance.

From his vantage point, he could easily see the person who was running and flying the kite at the foot of the mountain.

The person was dressed exactly like Gong Fan, and he wore Gong Fans usual cold expression.

Even though he was tugging at the kite, his face did not bear the innocence that a child his age normally did.

Instead, he silently looked at the kite in the sky and took a step back from time to time, pulling at the string.

“Gong Fan!” Youyou did not expect to see him, and immediately ran toward him in jubilation.

“Gong Fan!”

He got closer.

It was as if there was wind under his feet.

Soon, he found himself beside Gong Fan.

He called out softly.

Gong Fan seemed to have heard his voice.

The boy turned around and looked at him coldly, and immediately felt disgusted.

“Oh, its you.”

His cold gaze was so unfamiliar that Youyou froze in place.

He was surprised by how distant Gong Fan seemed.

Even though, for various reasons, he had never had direct contact with Gong Fan, at least they would communicate through a notepad.

It was obvious that Gong Fan was friendly towards him.

However, the child standing before him now was different.

His expression was hostile and icy.

“Whats the matter with you” Youyou moved closer to him, reaching out tentatively to touch him.

“Dont touch me!” Gong Fan shook off his hand and turned to leave.

When Youyou saw this, he was stunned for a moment and immediately caught up with him.

However, he had only taken a few steps when it felt as if he had crossed a barrier.

The entire world suddenly became dark.

“Gong Fan”


Alice held the boys hand and kept calling to him, but there was no more response.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

For the first time ever, she found she had lost control of the hypnosis.

Could Youyou no longer hear her No, she had to end this hypnosis! Alice would not allow anything to go wrong with this hypnosis session!

“Ill count to three, Youyou.

Wake up and walk out.”




She gently activated the metronome and snapped her fingers in front of the boys face.

“Wake up.”

For a long moment, the boy remained unresponsive.

Alice stood up abruptly, annoyed.

“Oh no…”

It seemed to have run out of control.

How could this happen! Could the boy have been drawn into a dream that she was unable to intervene!

Inside the dream.

Youyou was in a world of darkness.

It was like the chaos of nothingness.

He could not see anything clearly.

He forced himself to calm down quickly and look around.

He looked down.

It was as if he was standing above an abyss.

At first glance, it seemed to be a bottomless black hole.

He tried to take a step forward, but he missed.

He felt his body suddenly falling freely, and he felt as if he was falling towards the end of the abyss!

It is a dream.

This is a dream.

This is a dream…

As he fell, he kept telling himself, This is a dream.

Dont believe it!

Once he believed it, he would be trapped in it.

Alice had once told him that if he believed in the dream and was immersed deeply enough, it would be difficult to wake from them.

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