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“It doesnt matter, does it, Mommy, if you stayed by my side through it” he asked carefully, tugging gently at her sleeve.

“Just once, please”

Yun Shishi looked hesitantly at the boy, then back at Alice.

Alice put her hand over her heart and expressed earnestly, “Dont worry, I definitely wont cut up Youyou.

Im just going to dig up Gong Fans shadow by examining his sleep pattern and through trance hypnosis.”

Yun Shishi hesitated again, then finally nodded with difficulty.

Alice had not expected her to agree, and was stunned when she did! She had initially expected to be rebuffed again, but the woman actually agreed! She was stunned for a long time before snapping back to her senses.

Yun Shishi said solemnly, “I trust you because the boy trusts you, too.”

“Yes, I understand.

Dont worry, I wont let you down.”

Sleep monitoring didnt require complex equipment.

Alice secured a sleep monitor from the headquarters and hurriedly returned that night with it.

Inside the room, she instructed the boy to lie on the bed, and then put a sleep-monitoring headrest on him.

When she turned on the power, his brain waves were displayed on the compact screen.

“Whats this”

“This is your brainwave.”

“So, whats the theory, based on sleep monitoring” The boy suddenly realized he wasnt asking the right question.

“Why do you want to monitor my sleep” he asked again.

“Ill be able to pinpoint many problems from the frequency of your brainwaves during your sleep.

You can tell a lot from the details of the frequency.”

Alice said to the boy, “Get some sleep!”

“I cant sleep just yet.”

Alice was stunned.

“Your mommy said you usually sleep at this hour!”

“But its very uncomfortable to wear this instrument!” The boy fiddled with the device on his head and frowned.

“Its falling off.”

Alice made another careful adjustment for him.

“How about this”

“Thats better.”

Yun Shishi entered the room quickly, and the boys eyes lit up when he saw her.

“Why dont you let Mommy tell me some stories That way, I might be able to sleep.”

“You dont have to make a point of telling bedtime stories.

Just shut your eyes.

I want to monitor the quality of your sleep, including the extent and duration of your sleep,” Alice said.

The boy lost interest and told her earnestly.

“Usually, Mommy tells me bedtime stories.

Ill feel uncomfortable if that doesnt happen.”

“It means you rely too much on your mommy.

Can your mommy tell you bedtime stories for the rest of your life” Alice said, nudging him urgently.

“Close your eyes and sleep!”

The boy gave an old-fashioned sigh at that, and closed his eyes briefly.

He lay down and stared at the ceiling.

Then he closed his eyes briefly and squinted, but there was no sign of sleep.

Alice asked, “Dont you want to sleep”

“Yeah, I cant sleep.” The boy mumbled something.

His eyes were closed, but his eyelids were twitching..

“Relax.” Alice turned back to the monitor.

On the screen, the frequency was bouncing wildly, suggesting that the boys mind was racing.

No wonder he wanted Yun Shishi to tell him stories.

His attention would be focused on her storytelling voice.

Instead, he would enter a trance and slowly fall asleep.

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