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The boy tried not to wince.

“He left without saying goodbye.

No one knows where he went.

I call out to him every night before I go to bed, but he doesnt seem to hear me either.

I wonder where he went.

Does he not want Mommy or me Hes upset Mommy.

I hate him!”

Frustrated and sad, Yun Shishi discreetly wiped away his tears and chided, “Dont be so upset, Youyou.”

Still sulking, the boy said, “If he doesnt come back, forget it.”

“That wont happen.” She cupped his face in her hands and nuzzled him affectionately.

“It doesnt matter if he doesnt come back!”

“But Mommy must really want him to come home!” The boy gazed earnestly into her eyes.

“I heard everything you said that day.” Youyou lowered his eyes in disappointment.

“Mommy must miss him, mustnt she I didnt protect him.

Its my fault…”

Alice scratched her brow sadly.

“We cant jump to conclusions just yet.

No one knows what Natasha did to Gong Fan, but Gong Fans personality shouldnt disappear so easily.”

The boy stared at her in surprise.

“How can you be so sure”

“If it were possible for Gong Fans personality to disappear so easily, the field of multiple personalities wouldnt have become one of the most complicated topics in the world.

There are countless patients with multiple personalities who havent been cured.

A problem that can be solved so easily wont exist in the first place.” The woman added, “Besides, Natalisa is a dual personality patient herself.

Shes a patient herself.

How can she heal another patient”

“Oh…” The boy listened to this, then ventured, “In other words, its impossible for this Gong Fan personality to disappear”

“The clues and scientific evidence I have so far tells me its impossible for him to disappear.” Alice gave a firm conclusion.

The boys brow finally relaxed at that.

He suddenly said, “If you need to carry out any research, I can avail myself anytime.

Since you said Im having problems, I can do it anytime you want.”

Alice said in embarrassment, “I wish I could, but your mommy isnt very reassured.

If I really want to carry out a study on you, Ill have to get your guardians permission.”

Yun Shishi looked hesitant, even though she was already familiar with Alice now, and even though the woman had once saved Gong Jies life and was definitely someone he could trust.

She could not stop being wary and would not easily hand the boy over to her.

“Im not at ease.” She made no attempt to hide the truth.

“I dont know exactly what kind of research youd be doing on him, but I cant possibly trust you with the boy.”

Alice shrugged innocently with a look of resignation, as if expressing, “Its up to you now to convince your mommy.

I have no right without her consent.”

The boy knew well that his mother was worried about him.

After all, theyd been through so many life-and-death situations together, she wasnt willing to take any more chances.

It wasnt really Alice that Yun Shishi was worried about.

Instead, she was worried that Youyou would be separated from her again in the instance that some unforeseen event were to happen.

Or perhaps, he would disown her as his mother again, like he had done in the past.

She didnt want to go through that again.

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