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“How is Natalia now”

The boy said, “The temperature seems to have gone down a little.

Its not as high as before.”

“Let me see.” Alice walked over, took out the temperature scanner, and scanned the girl.

It showed a temperature of exactly thirty-nine degrees, which meant the fever was slowly subsiding.

Her brow relaxed.

“There seem to be signs that the fever is subsiding.” Yun Shishi, too, was visibly relieved.

Hua Jin, on the other hand, was still worried.

“Will it worsen again”

“I dont know.” Alice shook her head.

“I now have a preliminary suspicion that she has a superficial fever.

Theres no inflammation, no viral infection, and no sign of any cold or internal fever.

My guess is that she hasnt been able to sleep well for days.

Her constitution is a little weak, so she has a superficial fever, shell recover with enough rest.”

“Oh…” The actor relaxed a little at that.

Yun Shishi expressed her concern.

“Are you sure shes fine now 39.8 degrees scares me.

Youyou had a poor constitution when he was a kid, but he never had such a high fever.”

Alice said soothingly, “Dont worry.

Its all right.

If anything happens, Ill guarantee her safety.

Anyway, Im here today, and I dont intend to leave.

You guys can go and have some fun without having to worry about this.

Its rare to be able to take a vacation.

You should enjoy it.

Leave Natalia to me!”

Her words worried Hua Jin instead.

He said miserably, “Im not in the mood to play when I see her like this.

Its okay.

Ill stay here with her too.”

Alice nodded.

“Dont worry.

Get a good nights sleep.

If all goes well tonight, the fever will probably go away by tomorrow.”

“That would be best.” Yun Shishi was relieved to have Alice around.

She saw that Youyous gaze was fixed on Natalia, so she went to the boy and quietly knelt next to him.

“Stay here,” she said seriously.

“Take good care of Natalia, okay”

The boy looked at her, then at Alice.

“Since Alice is here,” he said suddenly, “shell take good care of Natalia.

I want to stay with Mommy.”

She was taken by surprise to hear that.

Youyou had always stuck close to her since he was little so it wasnt surprising.

But at some point, the boy had begun to stand on his own two feet.

Gradually, he had become less dependent on her.

Initially, she had thought that in Natalias condition, the boy would be reluctant to leave, that he would be worried enough to stay and take care of Natalia.

She had not expected him to offer to stay with her.

Despite herself, Yun Shishi laughed and said, “Mommy isnt sick.

Why are you suddenly thinking about spending time with me”

“Mommy doesnt need Youyous company if youre not sick” The boy suddenly clung to her, wrapping his arms around her and snuggling into her.

“I just want to be with Mommy…” he whined.

It was already rare for the boy to wheedle.

When he did, it was as if he had gone back to being six years old and insisted on sticking around her all the time! Yun Shishi instantly softened and melted.

She lifted the boy gently into her arms.

He was so big, and was over ten years old now.

As she lifted him into her arms, he instantly laid his head gently on her shoulder as he had done when he was a little child.

Somehow, she could sense a little helplessness in him.

She was that sensitive.

Therefore, she felt that the boy was inexplicably feeling down today.

“Whats the matter”

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