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Chapter 350: Game

At this moment, how can she not know what Qian Shaohua was thinking

That look, that unscrupulous desire on his face.

Illustrates the middle-aged man’s deliberate ideas at this very moment.

Li Lan secretly align herself to his sight, in fear of the middle-aged man sudden attack on the beautiful girl behind her!

According to the rules, if she brought an artist out and encountered such a situation, she can hand over the artist to Qian Shaohua.

After all, if the artist in their company blinded this man, it will be a great fortune!

The artist can climb up high in just one night.

The sparrow will fly high like a phoenix, which was a very good thing!

And also, who will refuse

Inevitably, those girls who like to be famous and wealthy will be happy!

It was a hidden rule to send female artist to big bosses for vanity fair.

However, today, his goal was Yun Shishi, so it was impossible!

Therefore, Li Lan subconsciously blocked Yun Shishi’s face.

Not only to guard her, but also to blocked Qian Shaohua’s eyes.

However, the middle-aged man didn’t come back to his senses.

He was still staring at Yun Shishi on her back.

His face was showing a deep smile!

“President Qian, why do you keep staring at people, stop scaring us!” Li Lan said half-jokingly.

Before she became Mu Yazhe’s assistant, she worked as a manager in a public relation company.

So in the center of communication, she had dealt with and negotiated with a lot of customers.

Naturally, this situation was very easy to handle for her.

In terms of speaking, she was particularly good.

With this funny sentence, it will slightly calm down the stagnant atmosphere.

Qian Shaohua was also a veteran businessman.

He had been mixing with people all the year round.

He had spoken face to face with many people, so his heart was not worried, that his mask on the face will fall off.

Naturally, his communication skill and reading facial expression were also first class.

He can see it.

This Li Lan seems to be protecting the beautiful young lady.

So, he couldn’t help but think: Is this girl’s identity was different

Could it be she came from a noble family A lady of an upper class

However, she doesn’t seem to look like it.

No need to ask, this young lady didn’t have the pride of publicity in the public.

On her body, there was a trace of arrogance.

But this arrogance, that was carved on her bones was only stubbornness and perseverance.

Moreover, the clothes she was wearing doesn’t have the appearance that came from a noble family.

The style looks very simple.

Everyone knows that all noble ladies dressed in lavishness.

And so, he denied this idea!

Since there was no noble backing, there was nothing to worry about!

He was fascinated by this girl!

“This girl looks so beautiful!”

Qian Shaohua praised Yun Shishi sincerely and then smiled.

He looked at Yun Shishi again with the eyes of the inquiry, then asked, “This… who is this young lady again Hmm, but I think I have never seen her before!”

“Oh… this young lady…”

Li Lan smiled a little, although she was having some difficulties, she still smiled and introduced Yun Shishi.

“This young lady is personally recruited by President Mu.

She is a very talented newcomer.

However, she hasn’t officially debuted.

President Qian, you must also take care of President Mu’s artist!” 

Li Lan deliberately emphasized the words “President Mu” and “personally”.

So by now, the meaning of her words must be clear.


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