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A few days later, Huanyu called for a media conference regarding Hua Jins retreat from the entertainment industry.

The actor made an appearance as well.

There was an air of finality, as though perhaps this would be his last appearance for the time being.

He was dressed in a white shirt and black trousers that matched his English suit.

He looked dignified and composed.

He had always dressed in an almost gender-neutral style.

Now that he had suddenly emerged in a suit looking very gentlemanly, people were not used to it.

He hadnt wanted to come, but in order to show his sincerity, at least to his fans, he decided to make an appearance and make the announcement public.

Qin Zhou and Ji Lin were also present.

Before the press conference, Ji Lin had humiliated Qin Zhou.

“I think theres something wrong with you.” Ji Lin stared at Qin Zhou coldly.

The latter looked flabbergasted.

“What do you mean”

Ji Lin said seriously, “Look, most of the artistes under you have retired.”

Qin Zhou did not respond.

Was that his fault He glanced coolly at Hua Jin who was standing by the side.

The latter twitched his lips guiltily in an awkward but polite smile.

“I cant keep him.

What can I do”

Ji Lin continued, “I heard that you signed up a newcomer recently.

Planning to promote her”

“Uh huh.

Her names Liang Yin.”

“Ooooooh…” Ji Lins next remark was choking.

“Through unspoken rules”

“…” Qin Zhou cleared his throat.

“Im not into any of this nonsense.”

“Ive seen pictures of that girl.

Shes good-looking… Has the makings of a big star.” For Ji Lin to say that someone had the potential to make it big, then its more than likely that it would happen.

When Hua Jin heard this, he immediately stood up and patted his chest.

“I was the one who recommended Liang Yin to Qin Zhou!”

Qin Zhou and Ji Lin looked at him coldly.

The actor immediately fell silent, unable to utter another word.

“Er… forget I said that.”

Ji Lin seemed displeased when he saw Hua Jin.

“I heard you have an illegitimate daughter”

The actor was speechless for a moment.

“Theres no such thing, okay! Lord Ji is starting to listen to rumors”

“I dont know if they are rumors, but I know that your semi-retirement has caused a lot of financial damage to the company.

Dont go thinking that I dont know about how youve gone through the back door and arent paying a penalty for the breach of contract.” Ji Lins words made Qin Zhou and Hua Jin tremble.

The actor said awkwardly, “Although Ive quit the entertainment industry, I can still work for the company for nothing!”

“Working for nothing Youre certainly dedicated.” Ji Lin was famous for his sharp tongue that outdid Qin Zhous.

In Huanyu, even Mu Yazhe and Qin Zhou may not match up to Ji Lin when it came to delivering caustic remarks.

The actor didnt dare cross him, let alone get into a disagreement with him.

Besides, he was in the wrong for what had happened, so he said nothing.

Ji Lin did not really intend to be mean to him.

He gently patted the actors shoulder and sighed.

“Forget it.

Youve worked hard in Huanyu.

Consider it early retirement.

After all, youve worked harder than anyone else for so many years.”

With that, Ji Lin walked up to the podium.

The actor stared silently at Ji Lins back.

For some reason, his heart throbbed.

Although Ji Lin had a sharp tongue and looked like an iceberg, he was actually very soft-hearted.

Sometimes, he would even reveal a gentle side.

For some reason, Hua Jin was touched.


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