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“Terrible vision” Somehow the actor felt his blood run cold at Alices words.

She said unhurriedly, “Do you know about the society of personalities”

Society of personalities The unfamiliar term left the actor befuddled.

He said bluntly, “Ive never heard of it.”

“Its normal for you not to understand.

A society of personalities sounds complicated but actually, its very simple.”

Alice explained it to him.

“A society of personalities is made up of the many different identities and personalities residing in one body.

Each personality has its own role.

Among the personalities, there will be one that assumes a leadership role who manages the other personalities.

Such a personality also has the right to banish other personalities.”

“Are there any cases like this”

“Yes…” Alice continued, “so Professor Romanka hoped that by creating a society of personalities, he would cultivate a leadership personality.

The aim was to eventually banish all the personalities, leaving only the primary personality, thereby completely curing the multiple personalities disorder.

Hes always wanted to conquer this field, but I think he was too eager for quick success with this vision.

If, in the end, these personalities became uncontrollable, then this so-called society of personalities would become a real disaster.”


The actor listened, horrified at the thought.

“Society of personalities! How can that be Since they are personalities, They must each have their own independent mind.

Arent you afraid theyll rebel”

“Ive reminded him about that, but he was adamant.

In fact, he started the experiment on his own in private.

I objected strongly to that, but, you know, he wouldnt listen to my opinion.”

“Then … how did you manage to take Natalia from him”

“Because…” Alice gave a somewhat sinister smile.

“I found evidence that he was using underage girls for illegal experiments.

Besides, I threatened to discredit him if he didnt hand her over.

He got scared.

Thats why he handed her over to me.

But … even if Natalia is under your care now, I have to monitor her at all times.

No one knows what her second personality is like.

If it turns out to be a dangerous personality, I have to take her back.”

The actor nodded in agreement.

Alice sighed.

“Worry about yourself first.

If you develop affections for the girl, you may not be able to bear parting with her when that moment should come.”

“I will take good care of her since Gong Jie entrusted her to me.

And Ill be sure to cooperate if and when you need to take her back.”

“Uh huh! Then, please report her situation to me at any time.

Ill leave it in your good hands!”

“Small matter.”

After a few more exchanges of pleasantries, the actor hung up.

He stood on the terrace and looked in the direction of the swing, but suddenly realized that Natalia was gone.

“Wheres the girl!”

It was only just then that he saw her sitting on the swing and playing by herself!

In the midst of trying to figure out what was going on, Natalias seductive voice came from behind him.

“Are you looking for me”


Startled, the actor whirled around to find Natalia standing behind him, with an angelic smile and her hands clasped behind her back.

“When did…”

“Earlier, I saw you standing here talking on the phone.

I guessed you must have been looking for me, right”

The girl smiled and continued, “So, I just came over instead!”


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