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Seeing Yun Shishi and Qin Zhous expressions change from nervousness to relief, Hua Jin was even more puzzled.

“Look at you guys making a fuss.

One would think I have some terminal illness!”

“How would we know! The butler said that youve been asleep since last night and havent woken up.

Alice said too, that she had tried calling but her calls had gone unanswered.

We wouldnt have been so nervous otherwise!”

Qin Zhou frowned.

“I thought you said you were feeling unwell.”

His words warmed the actors heart.

So these two fellows had rushed over because of this matter!

“Im fine, dont worry.

Its just that… I do feel a little uncomfortable… I dont know why, but I cant seem to wake up…” He put a hand to his heavy head and sat down unsteadily on the edge of the bed.

Qin Zhou walked over to him, and noticed that he was strangely pale.

“Whats the matter You look awful.”

Yun Shishi noticed it too, and felt a little distressed.

The actor shook his head.

“I guess Ive been tiring myself out recently and havent rested well.” He said this to reassure them, but the fact was, even he had no idea why he had become lethargic and in such a bad state of mind.

“Eh! Wheres Natalia!” Hua Jin suddenly remembered.

Yun Shishi was curious to hear him mention Natalia too, but said, “She should be in good hands with the nanny, dont worry.

When we first came in, things were looking normal.

Shes probably well taken care of.

You, on the other hand… Should I take you to the hospital for a checkup”


Hua Jin looked horrified.

“Im not going to the hospital!”


“There are so many people in the hospital.

If I made an appearance there, it could spark some sort of news!”

Upon hearing this, Yun Shishi suddenly exchanged a look with Qin Zhou and burst out laughing.

Hua Jin was terrified of going to the hospital, not because of the doctors or the injections.

Something very interesting had happened previously.

Hua Jin had gone to the hospital for a checkup because of a bad flu.

In the end, he attracted the attention of fans.

Because the hospital was overcrowded, he had sat in a chair at the entrance of the proctology department, wearing a mask and waiting for his lab results.

He was so dazed from being ill that he didnt notice the fans who were secretly watching him, taking photographs.

He even felt smug for a moment that he had been so successful in his disguise he hadnt been recognized.

Eventually, the stolen shots of him sitting at the entrance of the proctology department with a mask on was posted online.

Many people who saw this could not help having their imagination run wild.

“Is Hua Jin the bottom party!”

“Could the rumors be true Is Hua Jin really gay”

“No way! Hua Jin oppa has a boyfriend! And hes the bottom party!”

“Its not a surprise that Hua Jin is the bottom party.

Whats strange is that… the rumors are true! And how unrestrained is he to go to the hospital…”

“Is he going to be okay!”

The actor finally realized what had happened.

After he recovered, he went online and saw these comments and rumors.

He almost spewed blood.

These fans ability to imagine things was too terrifying! He only had a bad flu.

How did the situation blow up like this! The hospital was overcrowded, and there were no other seats.

He was too sick to stand, and his head hurt, so he found a random seat and sat down.

He didnt even notice the words “proctomy department”…


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