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Yueyao refused to give in, however, and said solemnly, “No… If I dont wipe it clean now, itll get on my skin.

Its so uncomfortable…”

“Hahaha!” Yun Shishi burst out laughing.

Now that Yueyao was older and more articulate, she was slowly asserting her own ideas.

It was quite fun.

Looking at this scene with a smile on her face, she suddenly started to worry.

Sometimes, the happier a person is, the more they worry that such happiness would be too short-lived.

She knew very well that no ones life would be smooth sailing.

The happier one is, the more uneasy one will feel.

And the more uneasy one feels, the more one cherishes.

After dinner, the twins took Yueyao for a walk.

In the past, Yun Shishi would worry, but on second thoughts, with Little Yichen around, she was sure he would do his part to protect Yueyao and Youyou.

And so, little by little, she began to feel more at ease for the twins to take their little sister for a walk.

She was about to wash the dishes when her cell phone rang.

She walked over and reached for the phone, expecting to see a call from her husband, however when she checked the screen, it showed an unfamiliar number.

Initially, she intended to ignore it thinking that it was a harassment call.

But seeing that it was an international number, she was a little puzzled and picked up the call.

“Is that Shishi Its Alice.” The speaker on the other end sounded serious and went straight to the point.

Yun Shishi nodded and replied, “Yes…”

“Hua Jin usually calls me at this time of day, but he hasnt called today.

I tried reaching him, but no one answered for a long time, so Im just wondering whats going on”

Upon hearing this, Yun Shishis heart, oddly, missed a beat.

Alice had agreed to put Natalia in Hua Jins care on the sole condition that he would cooperate with her to keep an eye on the girl.

Not that its meant to “spy on the prisoner”.

Rather, it was because Natalias second personality is not well-understood at this point.

Therefore, the actor had to work closely with Alice.

He had to report Natalias condition to Alice every night.

However, he had not contacted her today.

Alice was worried.

“I hate to trouble you, but Gong Jie isnt here either.

Look, if its convenient for you, would you go and take a look at what the situation is”

Yun Shishi agreed immediately.

“All right.

Ill go right now.”

“Uh huh.

Take care and drive safely.”

Yun Shishi hung up the phone, got onto her feet, and left instructions with the nanny to let the twins know, when they returned with Yueyao, that she needed to attend to some matters.

Then she hurried out the door with her coat.

Hua Jins villa was not too far away, Yun Shishi was there in 20 minutes.

She parked the car, walked to the door, and rang the doorbell.

There was a butler and nanny in the villa.

The butler came to open the door.

He knew Yun Shishi and greeted her respectfully.

“Good day! May I know…”

“Is Hua Jin at home”

“Young Master is at home.” The butler looked puzzled.

“May I help you”

“I wish to see him…”

Yun Shishi started to walk into the house, looking rather hurried.

The butler stopped her.

“Young Master is still resting.”

“Resting” Yun Shishi did not understand.

“Its not even night yet.

Hes gone to bed so early…”

“Not that hes gone to sleep.

Rather, he hasnt woken up since last night.”


Yun Shishi widened her eyes and exclaimed, “What Hasnt woken up! Hes been sleeping since last night”

“Uh huh.”


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