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Little Yichen was truly perverse, pretending to be his very own sister

Youyou was speechless.

“If Yueyao finds out youre pretending to be her, shell curse you for sure.”

“As youve pointed out, shes our sister.

How could she bear to curse her very own brother!”

The game started.

On the plane.

The two men continued to talk to Little Yichen.

It was obvious that they believed he was really a girl, and kept showering him with innuendos the whole way.

“How old are you, Little Big Sister”

“Im 18.”

“Do you have a boyfriend”

“Why would I have a boyfriend at the tender age of 18! Im into games and have no desire to be dating!”

Youyou remained stoic the entire time, listening to his brothers nonsense.

“Little Big Sister, where are you hopping off to later”

“A military base, I think!”

“There are so many people at the military base.

Little Big Sister, you have to protect me!”

Little Yichen grinned.

“Sure! Give me the guns that youve found and Ill protect you!”


“Thats wonderful.

Theres a young miss leading us all the way to the top!”

The game was played by a two-man team on each side.

The two men were on the same team too, but Youyou could tell that they were obviously trying to pick up girls.

They had been coaxing Little Yichen the whole time, and he could tell that they were confident in their own gaming skills.

“Little Big Sister, if you win this round, how about we add each other as friends”

Little Yichen smiled.


“Ah, right… Whos your other teammate”

The boy glanced at Youyou, then said, “This is my big sister.”

“Big Sister”

“Yes, her names Lisa!”

“Its an English name.

Thats very western!”

Little Yichen winked at Youyou.

“Say something, Big Sister!”

Youyou ignored him.

The two men coaxed, “Little Big Sister, Little Big Sister, Lisa Little Big Sister, say something!”

Youyou managed to squeeze out a few words.

“I dont wish to talk.”

The boy explained, “Its her first time.

I pestered her to team up with me.

It would have been boring to play alone.”

Youyou rolled his eyes again.

This Little Yichen was quite good at bull**ting! He didnt feel embarrassed making all these fantastical claims!

Little Yichen marked the military base, then showed Youyou how to parachute.

When they were close to it, the boy immediately said, “Jump!”

All four of them jumped.

Youyous jump was a delayed one, but he was as talented as Gong Fan in gaming and quickly figured out how the game worked.

After landing, he had to start searching for equipment, which, in this case, was picking up guns.

There was a crowd at the military base.

It was teeming with people.

There were a great many people who chose to be at the military base.

The effect of this game was very realistic.

After the boy landed, he immediately followed Little Yichen into a room.

Upon entering the room, it became quiet and still.

However, they could hear footsteps passing by outside the window.

Little Yichen looked nervous at once.

“I think I hear footsteps.”

“Someones there.”


Little Yichen shushed him and listened intently.

He immediately focused the view onto the window and said to Youyou, “Ill keep watch while you search the house for guns.”

“Okay.” Fascinated by the novelty of the game, Youyou ran to the second floor and picked up something he didnt recognize.

He stared at it for a long time.


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