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As he listened, Youyou recalled the few words Gong Fan had left on the notepad earlier.

“I dont want to play games with Little Yichen anymore.”

“Hes always holding me back.”

“How could he be so stupid”

“Besides, this game is so boring.

Its a waste of time.”

Youyou wondered what Little Yichen would think if he knew what Gong Fan had said about him.

“Do you ever feel that youre playing badly”

Little Yichen turned red, but did not meet his gaze.

Instead, he walked awkwardly to the side and whispered, “I think… Im quite skilled! This game isnt simple to begin with.

Its already impressive that I can play like this.

If I play alone, I can make it to the finals!”


Wow, was that something to advertise

Youyou was beginning to wonder what the attraction was about this game that even his brother, who was very picky with his games, had fallen prey to it.

It was said that Uncle and Daddy were also almost addicted.

He logged into the game interface and was matched to an opponent.

Immediately after, the screen loaded into the Quality Plaza.

The boy realized that his character was a girl dressed in white top and a skirt, donning a pair of sunglasses.

He was immediately reminded of Lisa and thought about how she could look very much like this when she grew up.

It was noisy in Quality Plaza, because the mic had connected the public channels.

The noise was outrageous.

Just as Youyou found the switch to turn off the microphone, he heard a voice speaking into his ear.

“Are you a little big sister”

Startled, Youyou realized that a rough-looking man with a voice that sounded a little weak, was standing before him, as if he could see through the screen and see those curious, assessing eyes.

The boy was about to turn off the voice messaging function when, on the other side, Little Yichen put his hands over his earpiece and spoke into the microphone in a rustling voice.

“How old are you, Little Big Brother”

“Wahhhhhh…!” The man immediately turned his attention to Little Yichens image.

Youyou switched his view, too, to see that Little Yichen had actually taken on a female character.

He was overcome by a sense of contempt.

“Youre male.

Why are all your account names female”

Little Yichen covered the microphone and lamented, “Because all the male characters in here are all unshaven, ugly and rough.” Then he spoke into the microphone again.

“Will you take me to chicken dinner, little big brother”

A cold sweat broke out across Youyous forehead.

Little Yichens voice hadnt broke yet.

Until it did, his voice was basically no different from a girls.

Even more so through the microphone rendering.

The male player on the other end very soon fell for it.

“Wow! Its really a girl!”

However, his teammate came to him and reminded him, “Dont fall for it.

There are many players pretending to be girls nowadays.

They even have a voice-changing software.”

Little Yichen immediately said in a sweet voice, “Im not pretending! If I say Im a girl, Im a girl.

Theres no need to be suspicious.”

Youyou despised him even more now.

Only a fool would believe that! Would any female claim to be a girl Youyou thought no one would believe Little Yichen.

However, he had clearly overestimated the IQ of this otaku gamer.

“Sounds like a girl.

And a very gentle one…”

“Girl, you have a beautiful voice! Whats your name”

The boy suppressed a smile and replied, “Yueyao…”

“Pfft…” Youyou lost his composure and nearly spat.

Little Yichen was truly perverse!


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