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Xiao Xue nodded.

She brought the mother-son pair to a western restaurant that she used to patronize, and booked a private room.

After ordering, Xiao Xue hurriedly pulled her into the washroom to probe.

Yun Shishi did not want to hide anything from her, so she just laid everything bare to her without going into much detail.

Xiao Xue listened until her heart ached terribly.

“To actually treat you like that, your stepmom is simply too cruel and unscrupulous! Six years ago, when my dad told me about how the Yun family was able to pay off all their bulging debts within a year, I thought it was strange.

Never did I expect that you sacrificed so much… What is the point of doing that”

Yun Shishi laughed self-deprecatingly and unaffectedly.

“Just showing my gratitude.

Moreover, these are all in the past.

Since I did it for the Yuns, it counted as me repaying my dad for bringing me up.”

The hellish period in the welfare center, where she suffered from all kinds of bullying, was a shadow in Yun Shishis heart.

If it were not for Yun Yecheng adopting her, the weak her back then would probably be unable to bear all those humiliations.

Even up to now, Yun Yechengs fatherly love for her did not diminish.

Adding to all these, despite that period of time after she gave birth to Youyou being difficult and somewhat unbearable, just like an abyss of misery, when she thought back to it now, she did not feel a shred of regret.

To have such a heartwarming son like Youyou, it was truly a blessing from the heavens.

She was already thankful!

It had been a long six years.

Even a poignant memory would also fade away.

“Then…” Xiao Xue was afraid of how sensitive she was, so she brought up the next matter with caution.

“Youre not afraid that Youyous biological father would take him away”

Yun Shishis eyes became disoriented for a split second.

Remembering that man, she answered, “Thats why I need to keep Youyous survival a secret.

If no one brings it up, no one can take Youyou away!”

She did not know who Youyous father was, and she was not interested in knowing.

It had nothing to do with her.

Youyou was her dearest baby.

She absolutely would not allow anyone to snatch him away! Even if it was his biological father, she would not allow it!

Sensing that she did not want to talk about it, Xiao Xue did not continue pursuing the matter.

Her face thereafter displayed admiration, “Thats so good! You have such an attractive son!”

Returning into the room, she could not help but throw herself at Youyou.

She pinched his little cheeks and said, “Youyou, you look so cute when you smile!”

She then formed an expression standard for cajoling a child.

“Youyou, go with aunt, okay Aunt will take care of you, bring you to eat good stuff, and let you play with exciting things!”

Youyou placed down the cup of tea in his hand, elegantly wiped his fingers with a table napkin.

He then revealed a disarming smile.

“Auntie Xiao Xue, mommy told me that I cannot go with a stranger! Ill get abducted!”

Xiao Xue froze up.


In the midst of their chatter, Xiao Xue suddenly asked, “Shishi, since you look so pretty, have you ever thought of entering Huanyu Entertainment to develop your career”

“Huanyu Entertainment”

Yun Shishis brows twitched.

She was somewhat astonished by her statement, yet Xiao Xue only fixed her with a disdainful stare.

“Huanyu Entertainment is preparing to shoot a new movie, and a nationwide audition is currently being held to cast the female lead! You can go give it a try! After all, acting used to be your dream!”

Yun Shishi slowly formed a smile.

Back then, she was a university student majoring in media arts and was looking to venture into the entertainment industry – it was only a step forward.

However, because her family was in dire straits, she gave up this dream.

“Dont tell me you dont know of that company! Huanyu Entertainment is backed by Disheng Financial Group, the business empire within the top 100 worldwide!”


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